SBI and game Balancing

    • SBI and game Balancing

      With the introduction of queen, balancing the power of mega alliances/guilds is back on the table. These past few weeks SBI has been trying to figure out how to balance the game but, there appears to a problem with every solution they introduce.

      It does not matter what game the players play, they will always find a way to take advantage of the system. Look at BA, they split off into multiple alliances in order to take advantage of the zerg debuff mechanic and the upcoming 10 territory upkeep.

      It appears SBI cannot think 1 step ahead, and maybe they should start doing. They are solving a linear equation for X instead of a polynomial one. You need to solve multiple variables at a time. SBI attempts to balance a game element without thinking
      a step ahead and then an organized group easily plays around that balancing element. SBI needs to think of a balancing mechanic and then think 1 step ahead of it can be abused, and then keep brainstorming how can this mechanic be abused and
      keep setting anti-abuse parameters.

      SBI please think more than 1 step ahead when solving a multi-variable problem.