Avalonian Dungeons - A Full Guide

    • Thanks very much for writing this guide.

      I would suggest embedding your images in the guide rather than making them links. Those links will not last forever and then the guide will become useless when the links are dead.

      Also, your builds just show images so the user has know the equipment just from the image alone. I would suggest writing the builds out in words because not everyone will know every piece equipment just from its image. This is especially true if the person does not know the class or role that the build is for. For example, let's say I am a tank and putting together a party for an Avalonian dungeon and I want to make sure the healer has the right equipment, but I don't know healer equipment, because, well, I am a tank, not a healer. What am I supposed to say to the healer: "Do have the white staff with the gold star in the middle?" Duh. If I knew the name of the staff it would make it a lot easier.
    • Quick update: changed Second Arcane and Realmbreaker builds


      Thank you for the feedback @Professor_Chad

      One issue I've been having is trying to come up with a way to include the images in the guide itself without having them take up too much place and have the text still be readable.

      The idea of having the names of the items with words in addition to images I think is a small concern. I think if you're not able to tell what certain items are just based on the image you are way too new to the game to do Avalonian Dungeons anyway.. I used to just have the builds all have a separate Albion Online builder website to builds and perhaps that was a better way to do everything but still, it was a link.. maybe I'll figure out a way to format the images to have the text still be visible and not take up a whole page just for 1 build.