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      Good morning Albion, Thank you for this wonderful game and here I bring you a new content.
      It's time to start implementing a Battle Royale.
      1. There can be two methods of subscribing alone or in groups
      2. For the last three feet you will be given a prize.
      3. Participation in pro mode costs money.
      4. Participation in rookie mode is free but the reward is less.
      5. All start at random places on the map.
      6. All start without items and once finished leave without items.
      7. to equip search the field to find different items tier 6.3
      8. The maps will be of environments as they have been until now with the assets of the 5 dungeons (morganas, giants, undead, miners and avalonians)
      9. The map will contract as time passes as is traditional in the Battle Royale until it ends in a round square as a duel.
      10. Battle Royale will be recorded in view mode and then broadcast the best plays or the most comical, will also be broadcast live with a commentator.
      11. Battle Royale seasons will be 3 months (4 in a year)
      12. The top 10 will receive prizes and points (minor Battle points) that at the end of the season a Battle Royale will be held with the 40 players that have accumulated the most minor points. Once the Final Battle Royale of the Season is over, all participants will receive prizes and major points (higher Battle points)
      13. The 40 players with the highest amount of [highest Battle points] will be selected to participate in the Annual Battle Royale where the prizes will be items 8.3 Masterpieces, War Mounts and unique decorative objects.
      14. At the end of the year the Battle Royale de Avalón will be held in [group mode] and [alone] which will be a celebration for all the players who will participate and for those who will watch the transmissions.
      - All this content transmitted by the video platform will increase the amount of user interested in Albion and the place that Albion occupies in the networks and the enjoyment of its users
      I also wait for my prize for the idea ;)

      Buenos Días Albion, Gracias por este maravilloso juego y aquí les traigo un nuevo contenido.
      Es hora de comenzar a implementar un Battle Royale.
      1. pueden existir dos metodos de suscribirce solo o en grupo
      2. para los últimos tres en pies se les dará un premio.
      3. la participación en modo pro cuesta plata.
      4. la participación en modo novato es free pero la recompenza es menor.
      5. todos comienzan en lugares aleatorios en el mapa.
      6. todos comienzan sin items y una vez terminado salen sin items.
      7. para equipar buscar en el terreno encontrar diferente items tier 6.3
      8. los mapas será de ambientes como lo han sido hasta ahora con los assets de los 5 dungeons (morganas,gigantes,undead,mineros y avalonianos)
      9. el mapa se irá contrayendo a medida que pase el tiempo como es tradicional en los Battle Royale hasta terminar en una plaza redonda como un duelo.
      10. las Battle Royale serán grabadas en modo vista para luego transmiter las mejores jugadas o las más comicas, también se transmitirán en vivo con un comentarista.
      11. las temporadas de Battle Royale serán de 3 meses(4 en un año)
      12. los 10 mejores recibirán premios y puntos(minor Battle puntos) que al final de la temporada se celebrará una Battle Royale con los 40 jugadores que más puntos minor han acumulado. Una vez terminada la Final Battle Royale de la Temporada todos los partipantes obtendrán premios y puntos mayores(mayor Battle puntos)
      13. Los 40 jugadores con mayor cantidad de [mayor Battle puntos] serán los seleccionados para participar en la Battle Royale Anual donde los premios serán items 8.3 Obra Maestras, Monturas de Guerra y objetos decorativos únicos.
      14. A fin de año se celebrará las Battle Royale de Avalón en modo grupal y solo lo cual será una celebración para todos los jugadores que participarán y para los que verán las transmiciones.
      - Todos este contenido transmitido por las plataforma de video aumentarán la cantidad de usuario interesados en albion y el lugar que ocupa albión en las redes y el disfrute de sus usarios.
      También espero mi premio por la idea ;)
    • It's a good idea, but changing or adding a different gameplay doesn't. Because Albion have a gameplay, what needs to be sustained, updating and keep the quantity of player. Adding this, more ppl will play the battle royal that Albion. I think is better like a special event that if some ppl win, they get nice awards. The idea doesnt bad, but as a new gamplay... yes
    • Only way I would like to see this happen is if it was a zone type added into the open world, Kinda like if they made the cloud covered area in the center of the new blackzone a battle royal zone... Once you entered the zone you would have to bank all your items you currently have then you could enter a gate or doorway that would allow you to signup for the next battle. This whole zone would be a "Blue" zone and would include a place for banking and waiting for the next battle. Could also have a market and all items found inside the battle royal itself would not be allowed to be taken out, After winning or loseing the battle you would return to the safe area and could either signup again or grab your stuff and leave the zone. Also would be cool if you could buy things from the points you earn from winning, Like if this area included some type of shop with god knows what....Not the worst idea....

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