Should enemies be able to forcibly move you if you're so overweight you're immobile?

    • Should enemies be able to forcibly move you if you're so overweight you're immobile?

      Was doing a mammoth run today between Royals, and was ambushed in a yellow zone by gankers. They dismounted me, fear-locked me, and demanded ransom, else they would knock me down.

      I thought that was brilliant; it had a highway robbery vibe I don't get in full-loot zones. :) I agreed to pay; the ransom was far less than 10% of what I was carrying, and while I knew they could knock me down anyhow, I figured the intel of whether they would do so was worth buying (if nothing else), and either way, I'd report what happened to my alliance.

      While we were working out getting out of combat to do the trade, I noticed they hadn't stopped fearing me, and were working me bit by bit to a red zone gate. I was running MP 8.3 gear, and I guess they decided to risk the ransom to get it all (I assume they were assuming I didn't have red zone access blocked behind the dialogue (which I did), or wouldn't think to enable it).

      I was thus able to log and escape without getting knocked down. The experience, however, exposed something odd. I had a full mammoth load (100% green), and when they dismounted me, I was immobile.

      Yet when I was feared, I would sedately walk away. Looked incredibly absurd from my perspective! :P Should that even be possible? As it was, it deceived the gankers into thinking they could score big, and they lost out on the ransom.

      (As a point of interest, I was dismounted in another zone by a siege ballista. I assume they were running a ransom scheme, but expecting naked mammoth riders, because fortunately for me, the ballista only had one dismounted ganker nearby, and I was able to knock him down and remount. I've never been seriously attacked before on my mammoth in the yellows, and now twice in one day! :P )
    • In addition to moving you while overencumbered they also are set to move you at 100% move speed. So if your feared on a mount your move speed it reduced to the base move speed. You don't get the passive move speed bonus otherwise associated with the mount. So if you get feared there is a chance you will be feared for the full duration of the robe and if they have a move speed bonus up they can keep up to you assuring to chain the fears on the robe.
    • Sounds like a wild ride, Yeah I would say this shouldn't be allowed, If your over weight you shouldn't beable to fear people well because why? The person already can't move whats the point of fearing? Now I wonder if I could carry 10000000% weight and have 10 friends fear me to the next city, ROFL.