Mercenary Laborers

    • Economy
    • The main reason for this is Albion's labourer system (and island mechanics for that matter) are legacy elements from a period in which Albion was a subscription based game and allowing players to generate income wasn't negatively impacting their monetization of the game. The switch to F2P, followed by making the game more desirable for purchase by reducing costings and increasing revenue and the eventual sale of the game saw a dramatic shift in the monetization of Albion from launch to what it is today.

      The main focus now is Gold sales. The main draw to gold sales is not cosmetics (lets face it, Albion charges $29.99 for a skin that wouldn't be given away for free in games like Dota or League) but conversion to in game currency. The addition of combat fame for silver which was then doubled down with satchels saw what used to be a profitable but risky venture of running dungeons go from earning you rewards AND fame to earning you rewards OR fame, picking to use combat fame + a satchel always turning out to cost you more than you would make. Then the drastic changes to the drop rates to stifle the economy or more specifically lower the money generation of your average player in an attempt to make gold sales more desirable.

      I'm of the opinion that the recent non-lethal FW changes were not made to make blue/yellow zone faction warfare better for new players (which it really does not) but purposely give wealthier players a place to flex that sweet full spec 8.3 gear without dying and to shit on weaker/poorer players with the giant gap in gear/skill. Why? do you ask? well conveniently placed at EVERY faction outpost is a new repair station, costing 155k (for my 8.3 set) to repair after each death the new FW updates main feature was adding another silver sink into the game, also giving newer players a false notion that to do well in said content they want 8.3 gear, how is a new player going to buy 8.3 gear? with gold sales most likely, despite that being totally contradictory to the lessons the game teaches you in ALL (accept HCE I suppose) other aspects of the game, gear is expendable, replaceable etc etc.

      So, why are mercenary labourers not profitable? because giving players easy silver is contradictory to their business model.