How do I to escape gankers, when I don't have a chance to use my abilities to escape.

    • How do I to escape gankers, when I don't have a chance to use my abilities to escape.

      How do I to escape gankers, when I don't have a chance to use my abilities to escape. I was using armoured horse, they bow me to prevent me from moving, stun and cc. Can't use any abilities to escape or fight back. What happen to the time when you can use abilities to escape. I had bloodletter for crying out loud. They need to fix the game where i can use my abilities to escape.
    • Of course you can use your abilities. It is just a matter of how useful the abilities you selected actually are. Say for example you are wearing geathering gear. Each head piece has a block ability. You can choose that one as use it as soon as you are about to get hit. Then dash away with your bloodletter and use whatever ability you have selected on your boots.

      Posibilities are endless depending on the gear you have on. However, if you have 0 escape abilites then I guees you'll die.
    • Unfortunately you will, from time to time, run into situations where there is almost nothing you could have done differently to prevent being ganked, however there are some things you can do to prevent yourself from getting ganked in the first place!
      • Turn away when you see red name plates on the edge of your screen. You should not wait until they are close enough to see their character model, or until you see whether or not they have friends to turn away and run a different direction.
      • Don't be afraid to take alternate routes. It's rare that there is only one way to get to a particular location. If gankers are camping an entrance, take another route, use another portal, or at worst come from an unexpected angle.
      • Always have a way out in mind. When you are in a zone going about your business, always have your local map in mind and know what direction you need to run to get to safety (zone exit, territory, hideout, etc.) as fast as possible.
      • If you're gathering, you should never have to move to re-mount. You should gather by clicking on the node from mounted, so that if you see a red name plate on the edge of your screen you can immediately remount, and do not need to wait for your character to walk to your mount first.
      Always remember the golden rule - do not take out what you cannot afford to lose. Expect to come home via the death fast pass, and be delighted when you have to walk home instead. The loot you get from that dungeon or hellgate is not yours until you get back to town in one piece. Have some sets of gear in your bank ready to go so when you do die, you're a few right clicks away from heading back out into the world for some action.
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