Feedback from a new player / small guildleader

    • Feedback from a new player / small guildleader

      Albion could do a better job directing new players and informing them of options. We kinda just kept playing the game that was in front of us, expecting it would direct us to the Outlands or whatever as the time came to move there but it really never did. Some sort of simple quest popup in the Royal cities to 1) Send you through the city gates and 2) Send you to an Outlands NPC city, would probably do a lot to get more people involved in the Outlands. I eventually had to look it up on the wiki to even see how to get there and I didn't know the NPC cities existed until that patch that let us death-teleport to and from them ("I can do what from where, now?")

      Yellow zones seem like a waste of time and the whole reputation system just seems distasteful and kinda dumb/unnecessary. The game basically says "you can flag up and PvP here! ....but not too much because F U". I guess I see the point of it as kind of "baby's first steps into PvP" but the reputation system isn't spelled out that well. Again I wonder if a quest system to guide people into it and explain it better would help. I don't feel like we should have to use the forums/reddit/wiki to figure it out.

      We lost some members (they went off to play other games) basically because we spent too much time dicking around in yellow/red and building up the guild island (which, it turns out, is almost entirely useless) and farming/crafting (which it turns out is highly optional) and basically they just got bored and quit. Our fault for not doing our research, I guess, but the game could do some simple stuff to advertise its own content. I look at how crowded yellow zones are compared to Outlands and think we're not the only people who had this problem (a lot of new players are still having that problem and may never discover where the real fun is at).

      Now that we are in the Outlands I again feel the game could provide better direction on "what's next". Who are these alliances? Who owns what? Where are the wars at? Which sectors are more stable and which are the front lines? If I want to buddy up to a territory owner to talk about a hideout, who do I talk to? The game could do a lot better on providing this kind of information and helping to open up channels inside the game rather than basically pushing us to use forums/discord/reddit to figure it out.

      I see the developers are working a lot on core mechanics, specifically how to bust up megas, which I think is applause-worthy, but they might also look at ways to get the game to advertise the mechanics and content that's already in place. A few fairly simple things might help a lot with new player retention.