Deus Iudicium Recruitment

    • Deus Iudicium Recruitment

      Hey names CraftyLizard im the guild leader of deus iudicium a new guild in albion online we are looking for new members and we focus on pvp and pve we are stationed in martlock and we are from North America but we will take anyone new or old as long as you can speak some english. we have a discord and are willing to help new members any way we can we are usually active on the weekends due to work but i am usually on at 3pm est time zone if you are interested in joining please leave a comment on this thread or send me a message in game. my in game name is also CraftyLizard but if you cant get a hold of me try messaging ian202234 in game he will usually be on later. and if you have any questions please leave a comment thank you :)