• Farming/Gathering

      I know there's going to be people who agree and disagree with me on this. I understand the feeling, you struggle with something for a very long time and you find it unfair that a new update changes how the game is essentially played. Well, there's new updates all the time that change how we play the game and it becomes up to us to adapt and overcome the challenges presented to us. Anyways, I think we need to do something about the "respawn" or something of that nature for gathering materials. Personally, I would prefer after I cut a tree down, when a new one spawns, it be at full "health." I mean, when it comes to the walking trees or anything else that is a "nature" element, it's not like it comes back with less stats yet it still will yield low results if it was already previously killed by another player. Same could be said for the wildlife, comes back with same stats but offer less resources. One could think of a cub bear for offering less material, but why would it still have the same stats as an adult? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. In contrast to all this, when it comes to a dungeon, why doesn't a dungeon offer less if players already came and cleared it? Instead, it comes back offering everything as if nothing ever happened. If this "update" were to come to pass, you could change the rate that you gather to "counteract" things, to sort of prevent things feeling "unbalanced." My favorite idea would be gathering 1 material at a time instead of multiples of whatever it is. I mean, the numbers game doesn't really make sense at all. Why would a fox offer 9 that provides 3 at a time while a bear offers 5 just 1 at a time? It just doesn't make any sense when you compare simple things like this.