Feedback from a new solo player

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    • Feedback from a new solo player

      Hi , since there was a break from competitive fortnite I was looking for a game to fill this gap and found albion.
      As someone who goes hardcore in any game I play spent over 350 hours for now and wanted to share some feedback.

      When I started and learned all the mechanics, I was often surprised that you guys found really good solutions for any problem.
      Most other game devs are good at understanding their community, but bad at implementing solutions and I feel for you it's the other way around.
      Solo playstyle seems to be neglected, the only activities for me to do are solo dungeons and hellgates.
      Right now, I'm just doing solo rat hellgates since my friend who introducted me into the game already quit because of the lack of content.
      Out of neccessity I joined a guild with a hideout and actually loved living in the outlands. (probably also bc I can avoid portal gankers, which were super annoying when I started and was bad)
      I also enjoyed ZvZ more than I thought, but to me it's more a side thing (like setting up and defending our hideout, because it's important to me) and not the reason to play the game.
      Since the competitive season in Fortnite continues soon I will most likely take a break from the game, but I would love to come back and see more content for solo players.
      If you are interested here are some of my suggestions:

      - Open world POI's: adjust the loot of hourly chests or add more similar stuff that people can see on the world map and chose to fight for (like buff shrines ->…_world_point_of_interest/)

      - Alternative Hellgates: I think the current hellgates are perfect and hope you don't ruin them by making rating impossible for solo players.
      If you tried to change the current hg's into a spot where players can't kite then healing comps become even more mandatory and it would limit playstyles.
      However I can see how it's annoying for some players, that's why I think I found the perfect solution: Alternative Hellgates with unique themes and layouts (…na/alternative_hellgates/)
      Each hellgate would have it's own meta where certain builds shine. Variety leads to replayability.

      - Solo dungeons: I pretty much farmed 55 million fame simply by doing solo dungeons, because I'm a grinder. But once again more variety would have made it a lot more enjoyable. (…e_love_for_solo_dungeons/)

      - Battle Royale: Last but not least, an idea for a battle royale mode. I know the word "battle royale" scares people at first, but if you think about it that's just everything a solo player looks for in this game:
      You are always put into a new situation depending on what gear your find off spawn. You only fight other solos. (…ow/battle_royale_concept/)

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