Gosh... What to do -_-

    • Gosh... What to do -_-

      So I've got like 300 hours in the game.
      I built my island, have labourers, grow cabbage, started my own guild, built a guild hall stocked it with labourers, have guild crafting facilities and a ton of homes on my island.
      I have t8 mining and 100/100/100/32 plate boot crafting specs and various other plate crating specs...

      I make maybe like 100k a day unless I'm luxury item flipping then I make far more. (I keep ALOT of my mats[like over 40k iron ore in bank rn...], usually only selling finished products... is that bad?)

      As a T8 Player, With High Mining specs, MAX T4 and T5 Refining Specs and Near MAX Plate Crafting...

      What do I do now? I feel like i should be making some mad silver but I've been saving for a mammoth for like 3 months now :(

      Any advice would be appreciated :)