moving my island

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      You can't move it without losing your buildings, but you can demolish all buildings on the island and pick up any furniture/laborers. This will take some time and you will lose 10% of the materials used to construct the buildings. Once you've fully deconstructed your island, follow these steps:
      • At the island merchant at the city your island is bound to, "Abandon" your island.
      • Go to the island merchant at the city where you want your island. You will need to pay the price of a level 1 island.
      • After you buy the island, it will inherit the level of your previous island. For example, if you had abandoned a 6/6 island, it will be 6/6 at the new city without having to re-purchase the upgrades.
      • Acquire the 10% material difference, and rebuild the buildings on your island.
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