Avalonian armors seems like a fail

    • Avalonian armors seems like a fail


      Hi there,

      There is something off with the avalonian armors.
      They are a mix of mediocre in strenght, and insanely expensive in price.

      if you look at the auction house in Caerlon 1 person has bought some t7 shards 1 time the last 13 days
      A total of 4 t8 shards has been bought in the complete time since queen launch and today.

      The armors Arent really attractive, and they are incredibly expensive and not used by anyone really.

      Im not sure exactly what the problem is, but they definatly are not used just 1% of what relic armors was when they came.

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      ava dungeon need a buff. either buff to that fame boost so people do them, or simply drop buffs or maybe even silver buff... something.. they are pointless to do for the gear that u trash to do them.

      The gear... its 2-3 peices that are good but too expensive to ever really use them for the utility they are not good enough, and the rest of the pieces will NEVER be seriously used at current state.