Testserver Patch Notes - Queen Patch 4

    • Testserver Patch Notes - Queen Patch 4

      Queen Patch 4

      Caerleon Realmgate Memorial Statue

      A monument has been built at the destroyed Caerleon Realmgate in honor of those who fought off the Avalonian Invasion. It honors the top three guilds of the Standalone Season:
      • Error404: Main Statue w/Guild Banner, Monument Text
      • Black Order: Side Statue w/Guild Banner
      • RAQ: Side Statue w/Guild Banner
      Visit the former site of the Realmate in Caerleon and pay your respects!

      • The magic of the Avalonians now includes interior decorating, bringing new splendor to their dungeons in the form of various art, effect, audio, and terrain improvements
      • Avalonian Armors now change appearance as their tier increases (T4-T8)
      • Improved visual effects for reflected damage for Thorns, Inferno Shield, and Frost Shield spells
      • Elite Dungeons opened via Dungeon Maps now have their own marker to differentiate them from other dungeon types
      • Improved minimaps for all major cities, including their banks, Marketplaces, and Conquerors' Halls
      • Loot UIs now load faster and scroll more smoothly
      • Audio improvements:
        • Polished and cleaned up all Avalonian mob sounds and expanded sound set of Avalonian Winged Guard (Eagle)
        • Improved and expanded sound sets for all bear mounts
        • Added new voiceovers for Morgana Fang and Morgana Magistra
        • Updated Territory defense beam sound and lowered its volume
      • Being transported out of a zone by the Smart Cluster Queue now gives a guaranteed protection bubble
      • The Avalonian Priest's Divine Beam now includes a heal-over-time effect, which stacks while the beam is active to give more healing, and remains active for 10 tics after the bean ends (can be purged)
      • To differentiate between them in combat, armor types have received a slight visual scaling adjustment: plate armors are now slightly larger, while cloth armors are now slightly smaller
      Hideout and Territory Fixes
      • Limited furniture placement in various parts of territories and Hideouts, including Hideout exits where furniture would prevent players from leaving
      • Marketplace notifications for items bought/sold in Hideouts now correctly reference the Hideout name
      • Renamed "Territories" section of Guild UI to "Guild Estates", which is now expanded to include Guild Island, Hideouts, and Territories
        • Note: clicking the icon next to an item on this list will show its position on the world map
      • Fixed an issue where members of non-defending guilds could not view the battle UI of an upcoming territory battle via the world map
      • Fixed an issue where scheduled territory battles were not displayed on the territory UI when opened via the Guild UI
      • Numerous additional fixes and improvements to the Territory, City Fight, and Crystal League signup UIs
      Other Fixes
      • Caerleon now correctly registers as "Last City" for respawn purposes when it is the last city visited before dying
      • Improved readability of Smart Cluster Queue UI and Island Move UI
      • Fixed an issue where party kills were not correctly triggering three achievements:
        • Bound By His Oath
        • In a League of Their Own
        • Pull the Plug
      • Two-handed vanity items now display in the offhand slot as well when equipped
      • Desert Wolves have been renamed to "Hyenas" to more accurately reflect their appearance and sound
      • Fixed an issue where the Guild Challenge UI displayed incorrectly for some players without guilds
      • Mercenary Laborers now display more accurate return ranges
      • Additional minor animation, terrain, graphical, audio, and localization fixes
    • Eltharyon wrote:

      In addition to “classic” PvE dungeons, we also plan to introduce “Resource Dungeons”. These dungeons will exist in different sizes (and of course resource type) and will be particularly interesting gathering locations. Though some of them may just contain plain resources, many will have their resources guarded by mobs. This encourages players to cooperate, clearing resource dungeons to gain access to resources for their guild (or to make a shared profit). Again, the different sizes available to you should make for interesting choices.
      after queen every patch you announced i am looking for this!!! When its coming at least give a date pls.