QA process need improve

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    • QA process need improve

      We have a good example of what is not working well in the moment

      QA process

      Let me give u an example ..

      8 days ago thorns of nature was fixed, nothing big, just some corrections on reflect

      What I would have expected in the QA process that someone takes 2 minutes and notes down what a mob takes damage before the fix and after

      That I would assume the minimum viable QA check for this change

      Unfortunately after the change is implemented the relect does just 80-90% less damage as it should

      It takes 5 days to acknowledge the bug report and it will best case be fixed in a few days..

      Now look at the new player that decided to play nature

      He is handicapped with 25% less overall damage while premium ticks

      He looses probably half a month of premium cause 25% of his total damage is void

      This should not happen, and if it happens it needs hotfix

      In IT u would have a severity 1 or 2 bigger amount of users cannot use the service as planned.. doesn't seem to be urgent..that is not the best to retain your new customer

      I don't talk about us veterans... I have 9 weapon on 400.. so I can dodge such things, play one other weapon

      • But seriously, that is really a thing to work on and optimize..