Improving teleports in cities

    • Improving teleports in cities

      Hello. Could you please improve cities if it comes to teleports? In my opinion every player should have option to choose moving to cities, islands etc from any place in city. At the moment going to realmgate from bank takes around a minute. It would be nice to reduce that time by preparing a hotkey which can quickly teleport you. Of course not everywhere but hotspots like realmgate, bank, market, other cities and islands. There is no need to waste time traveling from place to place while in royal city. Please let me know what you think
    • I wish there was a travel npc in more locations, Not just the one spot in the city. There should be one in the realmgate, Bank, Market, and around the crafting station areas, This seems like the easiest way for them to make traveling in cities much better, Then once your on your island and you want to go back to the city, you could pick which NPC you want to spawn at weither its @ the realm gate or the market.