How can we help smaller guilds?

    • How can we help smaller guilds?

      First I wanted to clarify that I don't speak English, I'm doing my best so be patient if I make a mistake at some point.Dear ADM. We are from Guild MadnessBR, a small guild that thinks big and aims to one day emerge and be among the big guilds. The problem is that we found some stones in our path and that is why we are trying to improve, not only for us, but for all the other guilds that have the same thought of growth. The Queen update came with a proposal for more space for smaller guilds, but unfortunately we are seeing that we remain hostage to the largest guilds and large alliances. Small guilds cannot obtain territories on their own, and often these territories also lack functionality for large guilds, which only capture them for capture. I will cite the Blue Army as an example, it has almost (or more) 90 territories in the game, and how many real territories are used for that? 20-30? The rest is just to generate scores. So, thinking about it, I would like to propose the following idea.

      1- A fame score per map, for the guild that dominates the territory. If a guild dominates a territory, it has to earn x amount of fame, maintain it and not just have an ornament map. This will make maps less attractive (such as level 5 maps) less focused by larger guilds and make guilds choose their territories well. This fame can be earned by collecting or doing dungeons it on the map. If the 24-hour guild does not obtain the necessary fame score for the territory, it loses season points instead of winning. This will make smaller or more distant territories less attractive to larger guilds, and they fight other larger guilds for more advantageous territories in terms of location and points.

      2- Zvz will now have a level, just like the gvg crystal currently. The maps would have a level, from 1 to 9 (this level is just to exemplify the zvz layer on the map). Each group at the map level can only be contested by guilds with a specific number of players or by a guild with a specific number. For example:

      -The maps marked with the numbers 1-3 would only be for guilds or a group of players in the same alliance of up to 50 members.

      -The maps marked with 3-6 would only be for guilds or a group of players in the same alliance of up to 100 members.

      -The maps marked 6-9 would only be for guilds or a group of players in the same alliance of up to 150 members.

      That way, smaller guilds can establish themselves first, train on smaller zergs, and as they feel more prepared, they evolve and fight for better maps. The main thing is that smaller maps are more free for smaller guilds, so they don’t need to merge with any other guild and can fight each other to train and evolve on their own legs. Well, this is our idea of trying to contribute to the game.

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    • blappo wrote:

      disagree, guilds all have the same size 300 maximum players therefore they are all just as competitive as any other guild.

      A small guild - needs to recruit, or join a guild that will absorb them.

      guilds with less than 50 players are just fancy friends lists
      Do you really think that BA 1, BA 2, BA 3 .... for example? This will be even worse, because now as they are from different alliances, they will not take zerg debuffs anymore. The biggest problem at the moment is that a player stays in a small guild until it evolves well, and gradually he ends up leaving his guild and going to larger guilds, because often his guild does not do the content that large guilds do.
    • How can the game help small guilds? Here's one idea: For solo guilds over 50 players (or include guilds in alliances under 900 players) give them each an actual base of operations - one free, unassailable island or hideout in the black zone. You can compound this with the idea that guilds can ally with NPC factions (Keeper, Heretic, Morgana, etc), and get perks/hideouts from that faction.
    • How can we help smaller guilds?
      Really good question.

      About the solutions:
      1 - dominating by fame-farming in a map??? There are end-game players that don't need to fame farm...they want only to fight other guilds.
      2 - top alliances will smash anyway...even if they are 50 or 150, they had enough resources to do that. How much you think you can fight against people with high spec that come with 8.1, 8.2 gear...maybe you can kill some...but they will regear and come to fight again.

      Let's ask again:
      How can we help smaller guilds?
      What is the difference between a big guild and a small one?

      1. Numbers
      2. Players spec and resources
      3. Guild activity, how active their players are
      4. How organized they are

      Let's accept that a top guild will beat any small guild anytime they want.
      They can take advantage of every game-mechanics you try to use against them.

      Fact: For a small guild, getting a territory simply too big. I know is frustrating but is true.

      And about frustration...
      Albion is a really frustrating game because of hard-core PvP.
      Above that is a mmorpg that keep the characters progression.
      So players can establish dominance.

      That dominance become an issue for new players.
      The win situations for them in full-loot PvP is insanely small
      and that demotivate them to continue playing the game.
      It's just bad game design.

      And is not only spec difference between new and veteran players.
      Most of the time the fight is N+1, like 5 veterans vs 1 new player.
      It's why they will demonize alliances...because is the only thing they can read before they die.

      The dominance of same guilds, alliances or just same group of people
      with different name becomes too strong...
      Giving you just only two options: Join them or cry

      Now, let's talk about how destabilize the dominance of one group of people.
      Why is so hard to find a solution?
      Because solutions are not about mechanical advantages you can give to new players.

      Solutions are about Social side of the game.

      1. Numbers
      2. Players spec and resources (We can't give something like this to new players, it's unfair + can be abused)
      3. Guild activity, how active their players are
      4. How organized they are

      1. About numbers
      New players had easy acces to solo dungeons
      and group dungeon...where they get worst reward than solo ones.
      It's like game design is against new players getting social.

      Veterans players content is about ZvZ, Ganking and now Elite dungeons.
      So much encouragement for group up and get organized.

      What can you do about? Just make large dungeons (10, 15, 20 players dungeons)
      aviable for new players... and easy to acces like a Static Dungeon.
      And just a bit more rewarding the solo dungeons.

      What i really like is guild challenge - it helps people to form new guilds.

      (In my opinion you can just remove solo dungeons from game, was a mistake, but is just my opinion)

      3. Guild activity, how active players are...there, i really don't know this one can take so many directions.
      To increse guild activity new types of content can be added, there.

      4. How organized guilds are...this one depends on people, but there is always room for suggestions.

      Sorry for rushing 3 and 4.


      Let's add more large groups content,
      to encourage players to group up and interact.

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    • One thing u must understand is Albion world is not big enough for every single guild to control at least one territory. Even if each full 300 players guild were limited to only one cluster, there would be a lot more guilds without access to any cluster because simply there r too many more guilds than available territories. Thus it will always feel like not everyone have the posibility of getting a part of the pie.