More dungeon variety & improved AI

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    • More dungeon variety & improved AI

      After doing over an hour of dungeons, I started to find it boring as hell because it's repetitive. There are only a few type of dungeons and it would be great to add way more variety.

      There is 2 things that I'd like to suggest to improve the dungeons.

      1: Add more variety to dungeon. I don't plan to suggest what exactly it should look like, all I want is to have more monsters and dungeon variety, so it does not feel as repetitive. Feel free to post below your suggestions for more dungeon ideas!

      2: Increase the difficulty for solo dungeon of tier 6 to tier 8. I was only wearing gear of tier 4 and I was able to solo a dungeon of tier 7. We should be able to solo the dungeon of tier 7 with gear of tier 7, that would make more sense. I find that dungeon of tier 5 to tier 8 in the dark zone have little difficulty difference and their AI system are the same. Only thing I noticed is the higher tier dungeon are bigger.

      Doing dungeons of high tier should be harder in a way where you have to use your pvp skill to defeat the monsters, if that make sense. I don't mean to make them as smart as another player but by fighting them you will need more reflexes and need to use your skills to dodge and parry attacks. This will also be a good exercises for pvp as you improve your reflexes.

      Give me your feedback on this!
    • After you get dove a few times and get killed because you are at 50% health to begin with I think you will back peddle on wanting them harder. They are currently balanced so the runner gets decent fame efficiency because you also have a decent chance of being dove and killed (T8 zone MUCH higher chance). I am not sure if people really even dive the T7 and T6 zones these days so you are probably safe there.