Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

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    • I first met Redsaw in-game 2 years ago. He was an officer in a Guild that I had joined (Dead Goats Society). During that time I found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable about the game. Approx 6 months later he started a Guild called Adhara where I was his Master of Coin. After that Guild got disbanded I continued to work for him doing various duties. These duties included building houses, setting up laborers and then giving them journals on a daily basis. After some time my duties with him changed to just building up the islands and getting them ready for others to care for the laborers.

      I have found Redsaw to be a very good person to work for and very trustworthy. He pays fairly for work that is done and he always pays in a timely fashion. He is willing to listen to suggestions/feedback and take that into account when he is doing his decision making. I have found my working relationship with him to be win/win. I really admire how he has been able to take a vision he had back then and turn it into a successful venture. Great job Redsaw! I'm very proud of you!
    • Meeting Redsaw about a year ago, I could immediately tell that this guy was not gonna beat around the bush, but at the same taking care not to be rude and just gives off a very professional feel. He knows exactly what he wants and is one of those people that don't just talk big but actually get down to doing it. Which is a rare occurrence in not only this game but in general. It was very easy to know where his interests lie because he's very vocal about it. We've spent a substantial amount of time trying to build and maintaining a 5v5 team, bringing with it a lot of pressure and stress. However, with the many opportunities to just take all the money and run off, cutting your losses, we were still firmly set on fulfilling our in-game goals. This partnership of sorts didn't just go one way, Redsaw entrusted me on multiple occasions to sell off items worth around 52mil. Giving me a fair cut for the work done, and being very chill with me going days or without selling a single item or, paying him the money owed. This goes to show that once a deal has been made he trusts his business partners to fulfill their duty.

      In summary, Redsaw is easy to interact with, speaks openly about expectations and risks involved, making sure that both sides come to an agreement, and has the ability to stay flexible if things go poorly.
    • I started working for Redsaw 4 months ago, 1 month after i started to play Albion. He is very helpful and trustworthy. I was giving journals to laboreres on his islands and i was able to contact him, whenever i needed something or if there was a problem. He fixed every problem and he always paid me on a weekly basis.
      Right now i stopped working for him, because i dont have enough time, but this job helped me a lot to earn my first silver and to invest it into my own "projects".
      I liked working for him and maybe iam gonna do this again some day :)
    • Redsaw wrote:

      This thread serves the purpose of providing some insight into various relations, deals and contracts i've made and had in the past and present.
      I met Redsaw when I joined the guild Dead Goat's Society and have been friends with him since. It has now been almost 3 years, and although he is not my Guild Leader / Officer anymore, I still keep in touch. I've been doing contract work for his labourers starting in the summer of 2019, and then recently have begun again. Redsaw is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person, who also has trusted me with provided a daily labourer journal service for him. Finally, he's a good pvper, and we have enjoyed many battles together on a team.
    • I've been working for Redsaw and his associates for about 3 months now and i have no criticism to give , they are all professional and the pay is consistent they work is easy to get into and quick to do if you are beginning in the game and/or are just looking for a good steady source of income i recommend this highly, i handle 334 laborers a day and it takes maybe 30-45 minutes per day,
    • Working for Redsaw is great! I've been working for almost 3 months now and everyone I've interacted with are super nice, professional, and understanding. I have 300 laborers and it only takes about 30-45 mins of my time. I highly recommend this job, it's a great way to pay for premium!