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    • You don't see them very often. You see Taproots, Torches, Mistcallers, Tome of Spells, Muisaks, & Cryptcandles but no shields.

      The round shield got a nice buff with the CC resistances but it still sees very little play.

      Right now for pure defensive purposes the Taproot is god, all of the self healing in game is % based and the extra HP makes up for the fact you have some negative healing. The other Utility/Offensive off-hands just outshine the little bit of defense you pick up with a shield.

      When you put on a shield you should feel like you can take a hit. When I put one on I feel like I am wasting the slot.

      I am normally a big fan of shields and would like to see them a little more in Albion.

      Any thoughts on how these could be buffed to make them feel more useful.
    • shields should be like capes making them more beneficial.
      Shield bash would be nice to see as well as some pve/PvP abilities, would shoot up, their price and use but could disbalance 2h’s sadly, but seriously the 2% increase per tier is pretty weak ass, a tier 8 shield I can almost equal with 4.3 or 5.2 for nearly six times the value less.
      But that’s just me, they don’t really shine in open world PvP sadly as cooldowns and hp tend to be more useful when your shield will do nothing against armor or resistance weapons
    • Perhaps if they added a bit of HP to them on top of the defense bonus. Not nearly as much as say a taproot but perhaps 1/4 on the round shield since it has the added bonus of CC resist and maybe 1/3 as much on the sarco to give it a fighting chance to see some more open world use. The other 2 shields maybe 1/4 HP since they have added bonuses on top of the defense already.

      It would make them more desirable and stay within the role of a shield(being tanky).

      Active abilities or thorns would add balance issues and the only offhand in the game with HP is the taproot where several of the other ones share the same stats just in different weights. I don't see why the taproot needs to be the only offhand with HP.