[Black Zone] - Add underground networks around portals.

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    • [Black Zone] - Add underground networks around portals.

      I remember before the change to the outlands that you could head out of portals and roam around gathering or doing some solo ganking with much more ease unless you went to Mercia where you constantly ran into larger groups of players doing everything from hell gates, gathering, to dungeons and ganking.

      Now with the new outlands there is the common trend of roaming in large groups and heavily ganking around the portals. Its as if all the portals are now like Mercia (though maybe a little less severe)

      My suggestion is that perhaps you could implement some underground networks that function similar to how the underground Caerleon worked but on a much bigger scale. The way it would work is when you enter into the portal zone there could be a cavern or two on the map that leads into the underway and then a few other paths that link you to the other portal maps as well as some of the outter zones.

      For example Sandrift North. The underway would have a passage leading into Sandrift West, Sandrift East and even one leading into Dryveign Plain (Trying to only connect to Tier 5 zones otherwise id say Sadrift Dunes)

      Sandrift West would have tunnels linking to Farshore Bay, Stone Lake Fiels and ofcourse Sandrift North.

      Sandrift East would link its underways into Sandrift North, Sandrift Coast, and Southgrove Escarp.

      The main point of doing things this way is gather's could have much more options for routes to take back their goods and this might help encourage more solo and smaller groups to venture out into the black zone. There will still be death and a lot of players roaming around ganking but at least now there is a bit more hope in being able to make it back with some nice goods. Remember too that the old black zones had a lot more war camps around for gatherer's to drop off periodically. Since that is no longer the case it serves gankers well to just guard around the zones near and in the portals to catch players returning home.

      [ADDED] - You can even take these underground passages ways further and add a few mobs here and there. Remember ages ago in the beta when there were the underground caves that linked zones together? You could do stuff like that again but just don't make it as condensed with mobs so players can run through it on a horse if they want.

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