[Job] Skinning and Sinning

    • [Job] Skinning and Sinning

      Not a joke thread, but figured a quirky title to start it off. I’m a crafter and gatherer if the arts in skinning and leather, to a extent dagger. However I’ve found I’m unable to compete with current black zone content to efficiently mass craft, so I figured I’d turn my services to those who would like to employ me, I spend around 2-4 hours a day, with some rather high end exotic mounts & buffs (Avalonian on occasion but I’ve gotten a lot more scared to use it without guards) So I figured instead of selling at a quota of market value, and refining it, I’d work for one contractor skinning a premium amount of leather, for a fair price
      Dm me here and I’ll give you my discord for negotiation if you seek it. Anything tier 7+ requires a territory or guard, or a premium price due to its spawn rate and risk