Guild city crafters worthless? NPC city returns higher

    • Guild city crafters worthless? NPC city returns higher

      Why would one rank a city craft station when a public NPC city craft station has higher returns? There are so many you can find them with 5% tax rates. Most guilds would charge that just to feed the crafter food. Plus if you use a NPC city station (placed by another player) you dont have a ranking cost (you dont have to rank it, just use it).

      This makes guild cities all but unless. Unless you build all houses and send out laborers all the time. One would think you would get better quality items or some other perk for having a high ranked guild city craft station.
    • Sgtbloodelf wrote:

      Xaero wrote:

      So basically Guild Cities are only there for dueling and as a labor farm...
      hey dude, my dude. Read your own post. Guess what a guild city is? Oh..yeah. Think before you post my dude.
      A useless money sink in all situations?

      Guild city = Guild island (same thing).

      The NPC cities give return rates to ALL vendors while the Guild city only gives a smaller return rate to specific vendors. Like in my screenshot above even if you get a return on a Guild vendor the NPC city vendors give a higher return. You save money and gain crafting skills faster by using someone else's station in the NPC city. This makes the Guild city crafting vendors a unless time and money sink. Unless you like using more stuff to craft items.

      There is no reason to have a guild island other than to place a house and laborers. This is stupid.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      Xaero wrote:

      There is no reason to have a guild island other than to place a house and laborers. This is stupid.
      They become a lot more useful when cartels jack up prices to over 200%.
      Not to mention for small crafting orders, the islands are more convenient (less running around).
      Apparently the Guild island city problem has been around since 2017:…-When-do-they-get-useful/

      Sure I could see people jacking up prices. Then someone else would lower them and make a killing. Its easy to find the deals using the map. You don't even need that as you can walk to the vendor that has the most elephants around it in the NPC city.

      Whats cheaper? 10 million investment by a small guild of 10 into an island and crafter or using the map to find a deal in the NPC city?

      Guild islands are trash.
    • yeah... so it's apparent you've never encountered a cartel owning a city

      Guild islands had a slight buff in RR since that thread.

      It's for convenience more than anything else. Just like the same bottle of water costs twice as much at a convenient store than at walmart. Same thing... but some ppl don't want to walk around a giant building for a single item.
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    • guild islands, terris, and hideouts, again can be anywhere and still get buffed, are set to your own price, and ruled by you. Out weigh it when everything goes up to 20% taxes+ and then you’ll be greatful OfC it’s a waste if you can use refining city bonuses, but it’s still very applicable for newbies, poor, and ability to fill up any zone really, imagine a t8 with 20% refine rate in bz, 20 zones away, do you see how useful that can be? Now you can refine safely, for a lesser bonus.
    • Sgtbloodelf wrote:

      Think before you post my dude.
      Some pretty dickish replies for a forum called "beginner's questions".

      I had the same question and so far I agree with the OP: from the perspective of a beginner, guild islands are a waste of resources.

      The may be some cases where they are preferable but by the time you recognize that kind of need, you're probably not a beginner anymore. Best to skip it initially. My guild wasted a lot of time upgrading our island and the buildings within it on the assumption that as a prominent game feature, it must be useful, only to realize it's a waste of time. Maybe some day we'll be glad to have it but it is not this day.
    • Guild cities can be very useful in cases where the guild doesn't have the money to spend on crafting fees, In the royal cities stations lose durability and food, On guild islands stations last forever you never need to add more blocks once its t8, You just need food, So if you don't care about 10% more return and would rather keep your silver then guild islands are bettter, Also royal cities can and always will at points become very high priced in fees, Players will always raise prices alittle at a time, Currently maybe guild islands arn't the best option ATM but this could change in the matter of days. Building up an island isn't a waste because they never need to be built up again like royal cities therefor you can build them up and use them when royal cities get out of control and some cities ATM are very close to becoming too high for the avg player. Also guild islands are very useful for labors within a guild hall while also giving a nice amount of "house plots" over a player island.