QoL Arena UI Upgrade / Timer Increase

    • QoL Arena UI Upgrade / Timer Increase


      I've noticed the Arena queuing system's UI is very bland and there isn't enough time given. Many folks duel while waiting for the queue but it's way too short. How about increasing it to 2 mins to 2:30 s to be more in line with other game's queue systems. Also the UI could use some work, I made a quick photoshop mock-up to demonstrate an updated UI look, obviously green is those that clicked start and those that haven't yet it would appear in a red colour.

    • iRawr wrote:

      You better play a good games. Normal ready-check is 10 seconds.
      And normal q is not more then 30 seconds. I dont wanna wait 2:30 before the afk guy will be kicked out. 10 seconds is more then enough. And change channel cast to 1 second.
      Well the issue now is the queue pops an average of 5-8 times because of it being a small timer. Again it's a suggestion, even 1 minute is better then 30 seconds. TBH, I'm more interested in wanting an updated UI. Thank you for the feedback iRawr.

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