Increased client instability since Queen

    • Increased client instability since Queen

      I've noticed the following patterns, mostly on or near client startup or shutdown:
      • The client hangs while loading at 1%, and never gets any farther. I have to kill the process and try again.
      • The client freezes once it gets to 100%, sometimes before I login, sometimes after. At this point, the game will not relinquish the frame buffer (if fullscreen), and I have to initiate and then cancel a full system restart (the Start button works, but I can't open the task manager to kill the process). Looks like when the mouse pointer appears at 2% load or so, the game has claimed the frame buffer.
      • The client crashes to desktop soon after I'm in game, sometimes (but not always) in a zone transition. Area population doesn't seem to matter (could be in a city or a personal island).
      • When I shut down the client normally, the client will sometimes freeze. Again, I have to initiate a restart of my computer to kill it.
      If the client runs for a while, I'm usually OK (until I log off).