When to go to black zones/how to approach them?

    • When to go to black zones/how to approach them?

      I'm a returning player but when I did play (back in beta) I never actually got to what most people consider the "core" content of the game, black zones.

      I'm curious as to when exactly I should start heading to black zones, and any tips/guides as to what to do when I get to one?

      I'm primarily a solo player atm, but am looking to join a guild later as I get more accustomed to the game and get a bit stronger. I've been to zones all the way up to red, but never black, and I've done a bit of 1v1 pvping and 1v2/1v3 pvping in red zones (small parties trying to gank me), and have a "small" idea of how some pvp goes, but not much.

      I know especially now that the queen update came (reason I came back tbh), a lot has changed, namely there being a lot of different portals to my knowledge. So I just want to know the best way to approach black zones, and when to do so. I'm currently at t5 almost t6 with some builds and working on getting more to t5, and I'm currently positioned in fort sterling. Thanks for any help and sorry if this was lengthy.

      Tl;dr when and how do I start doing black zones?
    • The bare minimum to be effective in the Black Zone is:
      • Reaver Tier 5
      • Tier 4 or 4.1 Gear.
      • At least a basic understanding of basic game mechanics.
      • At least a basic understanding of how portal lock mechanics work.
      All zones in the outlands start at T5, and you will be very ineffective against monsters in those zones until you reach Reaver tier 5 due to how the destiny node works.

      In the Outlands, and Albion in general, knowledge is power. Understanding the fundamentals of PvP and how to evade gankers goes a very long way to ensuring your losses are infrequent.
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    • There is little to no reason to go to a black zone alone as a new player. Especially since Queen update. Portal ganking is a thing more then ever. It is not unusual to step through the portal and immediately see loads of reds running around. If you don't have a plan which covers where you are going and what you are doing then you may as well run around in a yellow zone.
      Join a guild and start venturing out to clear some dungeons. That would be a logical first step. Go with someone who is not a stranger to black zones. Ultimately it's no different then a red zone. You can die in both places. It just comes down to getting used to it.
      In short: first go out with a group. Once you get the taste for it start going alone.