Ironwrath Gaming Recruiting/Streaming

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  • Ironwrath Gaming Recruiting/Streaming

    Ironwrath Is Recruiting

    About Ironwrath:
    Relatively new Clan/Guild name with a core group of players/friends/family. We mostly got together in a game called Darkfall Online and have been playing together ever since which is now a few years. Currently we are off playing our own games like Mortal Online, UO Forever Shard, ARK: Survival Evolved, and others. But a half dozen of us should be trying out Albion Online this Alpha Phase. We want to truly give it a fair chance and see what it has to offer us.

    Who Can Join Us:
    At this moment our recruitment is open to almost ANYONE. But you must have a working headset (microphone/
    earphones) and must download and use TeamSpeak 3 for voice comms. At this time their is NOT an age limit, but keep in mind we are mostly in our late twenties and curse a lot and usually have adult humor and conversations. Woman are more than welcomed to join, but again know that sexual conversations may arise. Also if you guys get offended easily from slang and/or from stereotyping than maybe pass us by.

    What's Our Clan Stance:
    We are Hardcore PvP'ers and we PvE a lot to fuel our PvPing. We do enjoy city building, crafting, and dungeon runs. But our passion is PK'ing and stealing all their loot. We love full loot games. We are not pixel hoarders though and we like to run around in our best gear. We love Risk v Reward.

    Please msg me if interested!

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  • Hi,

    I'm Steven
    in-game name: Vigilist
    Recruit me to the Ironwrath, and you and your friends will have my loyalty.

    Also legendary founder, TS3 and all the other stuff that makes a good guildie that I don't feel like elaborating on.