Black zone portals are too few and badly positioned!

    • Black zone portals are too few and badly positioned!

      Each damn evening (EST) it is the same shit. ARCH blockade the portals both directions, each day is the same almost 0 chance for farming because ARCH blockade de the portals on return trips.
      FIX IT… The game is not called ARCHBION ONLINE… it's Albion Online. They enter the portal with a class "4" or "5" zerg because class 3 is too small to quantify them!
    • ARCH are really crabs! Those parasites have killed me 3 times over my 3 attempts in the last 3 days… Which means 0% success on my last 3 farming runs. Do something against their camping, it is not normal that I am more secure in the T7 T8 zones in the middle of the map than near the portals of the cities.
    • Fusion if ALL players had to use special builds just to travel past the initial black zone portal the game has a problem that needs to addressed. Which the limited BZ access points as this is obviously a gankers paradise issue the Devs need to work out. Once again is way to brainlessly easy for the gankers and punishing for the travelers so balance is just fucked right now.

      Possible solutions is adding Caerleon underpass system to portal zones or adding safety bubble area similar to outland cities to portal zone exits.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      They block all 3 portals?

      Maybe try using specter shoes and an invis pot to get by them?
      He said that he is farming. How can you use your specter shoes if you are overloaded? Same for invis pots. It is not the problem with Archs, but the problem of Devs who BADLY positioned all of the portals. Due to their proximity an allience that has more than 5000 people(Arch) can take all the three portals and control all the gates (they do practice that) and that spoils the game for the newcomers and people without alliences (which brings us to the problem of mega-alliances again). Spreading the portals from each other by at least 2 clusters, and somehow limiting portal camping(ganking) needs to be addressed cause it sucks. It really sucks to not be able to experience black zones cause of badly positioned portals and mega-alliance issues.
    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      Roccandil wrote:

      I think realmgates should get the invisibility buff that are in Outposts.
      i need to correct u here.
      A lot of people told SBI that the Outpost invis buff is crap because it is off after u zone..

      So u are invis unless u zone

      That would help nothing

      If you're guaranteed to make a portal out of the realmgate zone, doesn't that move the portal ganking window back to the zones adjacent to the realmgate zone, increase the size of the ganking window, since there are more routes to cover, and thus make a successful interception less likely?