Hood of tanacity (Avalonian Leather) removal of standtime

    • Hood of tanacity (Avalonian Leather) removal of standtime

      Probably not too many people (yet) have tried the new Avalonian gear - so I'll start here.

      The leather hood is a very good utility item (finally we have something else rather then CC vs healers) - but the standtime on cast is horrible in 1v1 and 2v2 HG and other very small scale situations.

      I can see how this was balanced for 5v5 and higher number engagements (small scale as in 5+ and small ZvZ falls in this category)... as you can always rely on a tank (or on someone with CC) to coordinate this item with. But in solo and 2v2 the item feels pretty lackluster and the target can simply walk away by the time that you finish casting and the entire AOE (which is only 4 sec) goes to waste.


      - Remove standtime from Nasty Wounds spell

      Projected effects:
      1) Basically no change (to very little change) in 5v5's as the its a utility item and you will be most likely coordinating its use with a teammate anyway.
      2) In 1v1 (1vX+1) and 2v2 HG situations - the item will become much more useful (as useful as in 5v5 from "usability") perspective.

      All in all stand-time is pretty stupid on a lot of abilities, especially melee ones.