Poll: Disarray Balance

    • Since devs seem to not wanting to implement an IP debuff system like it should be to affect everything and stick to only damage dealt and received, here is another simple idea for debuffing that could fit what they look for.

      Just make the debuff % bonus equal to the amount of players zergs have over 20 men.

      Starting at 1% for a 21 players zerg and growing 1% more per every additional player. I.E. an 80 men zerg would get a 60% debuff bonus.

      This would set the optimal zergs size somewhere around 70 players making it very unworthy to bring more than that to the same fight.

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    • Disarray in its current form is a huge failure. It didn’t make the game more balanced. Damage scaling has just lead to more people exploiting aoe escalation and killing large swaths of players. Then you also add in the effect of battlemounts too.

      Basically, players will always find ways to abuse whatever system is designed. I would like to see cluster queues without disarray. The queen update made the game much more stable in large fights and I think we can make it work.
    • Needs to be be strong all around. In fact, I would have it not be based on numbers total and instead base it on numbers difference. There is no difference between a 25v50 or a 50v100 or 100v300. Outnumbers by a lot sucks no matter what. Disarray isn't the solution. The solution is to make an alliance have to split between different zones that are farther apart. Multiple objectives at the same time.
    • IMO part of the foundation for any anti-zerg balance is going to require the developers to decide exactly how many players they want to balance the game around. IMO 20 seems perfect, since that is already the max group size, and I really just don't see the point in 100s of people fighting each other in the same spot. It's not fun to me. Is it fun to the devs? Is it fun to the majority of the playerbase? I don't know, though I've seen people state they've joined mega alliances out of necessity not because they wanted to, so...

      Some ideas:
      -Make alliances and guilds cap at 100 people total - the point of alliances should be for smaller guilds to band together to reach the 100 player cap.
      -Groups are capped at 20 players and a guild/alliance can only have 1 group in a zone at a time. This effectively means a guild/alliance can only have a max of 20 players in the same zone.
      -Make each zone allow a maximum of 5 guilds/alliances within it. This effectively means a cap of 100 players per zone, or 20v20v20v20v20.
      -Attacking another guild within a zone initiates a battle, and neither guild may leave the zone until one team is defeated, or a certain amount of time has passed. If time runs out the team who has the least players left alive is defeated (all remaining players are instakilled). You can only bring in more players if your group wasn't the full 20 players. No reinforcements are allowed, the first 20 players from your guild that enter the zone are the only ones that may enter the zone during the battle. If they die they cannot regear and return. An ingame UI should show how many remaining players there are for any participating guild.
      -No matter which guild you attack in the zone, you enter the battle against all guilds in the zone. This can help prevent breaking off into separate guilds to have more than 1 guild group in the same zone, since all groups are either forced to fight each other or run out of time, thus forcing one side to lose most of their items via trash.
      -When defeated, your entire guild/alliance may not enter the zone for 72 hours. This can also help prevent breaking into smaller guilds to help your main group keep access to the zone since your guild won't be able to reenter for a while.

      All these numbers are subject to change of course. Maybe a 1 week lockout from the zone when you're defeated. :) I also feel that the above mechanics make AOE Escalation and Disarray obsolete.