Requiem for the Old Outlands

    • Requiem for the Old Outlands

      The Outlands we once lived and fought in is no more.
      Times have changed, and so must we.
      But we should never forget what we have lost...

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      Hi everyone,

      We live in new times in Albion, where the Old Outlands has been destroyed and remade into a strange place we are still exploring. As a final farewell to it and ushering in a new era of adventures in Albion, we would like to invite you to write a short poem in remembrance of the old world!

      • Create a short poem between 4-6 lines to bid adieu to the Old Outlands
      • Must be Albion Online themed (of course!)
      • Multiple entries are allowed
      • Submit your entry in this thread by Friday, 7 February 2020, 12:00 UTC

      • The winner will have their poem published in an upcoming article on our official website AND receive 3 months of Premium Status
      • The first runner up will receive 2 months of Premium Status
      • The second runner up will receive 1 month of Premium Status
      *Premium Status will be granted on a character of the winning players' choice

      Time to bring out your inner bard!

    • For terries we fought. So much bloodshed we've seen. Then they have came. The Old Rulers of these lands, took all that we fought for and much more. But even then, we stood together, at the Realmgate of Caerleon. Enemy by enemy, side by side, we tried, we failed. These lands now lost, remade, unfamiliar, will see as much blood as the old ones did.
    • Our Land, Our Terries, Our Journies...
      Our Man, Our Fames, Our Deaths...
      The Outlands We Knows Is No More...
      But Our Memories Are Never Gone...
      Prepare Your Armour, Prepare Your Weapon !
      Your Don't Know What May Coming Soon !

      IGN : Michuy
      Base Town : Thetford
      Guild : GARUDA
    • Anglia, Cumbria, Mercia and more.
      I can remember lovingly heading out those doors.
      From the city realm gate, and out into the black,
      never knowing quite for sure if I'd make it back.

      But now those doors are closed, and we were forced to roam...
      Joke's on the avalonians... We've made the black our home!
    • "Time passes and also changes the terrain to our step, different seasons, but what does not change is our desire, glory and honor, we demonstrate with each conquest from Glouvia to Siluria, that in the center we will die killing... by the fame"

      "El tiempo pasa y también cambia el terreno a nuestro paso, diferentes estaciones, pero lo que no cambia es nuestro deseo, gloria y honor, demostramos con cada conquista de Glouvia a Siluria que en el centro moriremos matando... por la fama"
    • Our old lands have not perished, they have changed to be by our side.
      We are testing ourselves, our strength, our loyalty.
      Soon we will fight to prove how worthy we are of his mandate.
      Can we achieve the privilege of dominating over them, can anyone do it?
      We will join to take them, but we will not fight for them...
      We will fight alongside them because the new lands have already chosen us!

      IGN : Glaucopis
      Base Town : Fort Sterling
      Guild : Agresor
    • Anglia, Cumbria, Mercia; the lands of old,
      Where the legends of many began to unfold.
      Glouvia, Siluria; the world expanded,
      On Albion's shores the newcomers landed.
      O the world did break under Avalon's onslaught,
      The Old World may be gone, but it won't be forgot.

      IGN: Draekore
      Guild: The Hoots

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    • For blood and shit marche fighting for all the ancient land.
      Massacre entire clans with my men to establish my dominions.
      But there is nothing left, only a new world emerged from the ashes of what once existed.
      But that does not discourage me, we will conquer everything again because that is what destiny dictates.