Why are group dungeon skeletons worth half the fame of equivalant mobs?

    • Why are group dungeon skeletons worth half the fame of equivalant mobs?

      I noticed that the normal skeleton mobs in group dungeons seem to be worth half the fame of their counterparts in the other three standard dungeons (knifelings, miners, novices, squires, etc.). Would be nice if skeleton fame were buffed to match.
    • they also are the only mob of that type to use a spell, which does a rather ridiculous amount of damage when stacked, 300-400 in t8 should buff them a bit more fame, as they become as deadly as a normal mob in these dungeons, been wiped before BY just skeletons for full group due to the burst potential
    • Long story rooted to beta 2. =)
      Long ago, in a distance galaxy of another dimension, where mobs are lethal, undead mages aoe invisible and one-shooting and mercenary laborers most profitable to manage, sceletions packs route of undead dungeon was subject of special discipline. Sceleton runs.
      But one day, all those things was changed to opposite, skeletons got a movement increase buff mechanic, and got 0.5 fame special coefficient.
      WTB skill
    • Yeh thats kinda us beta players fault we use to abuse it in a ton of different ways myself as great cursed use to solo the old blue skeleton dungeon and kill the little guys for insane fame and cash way more then you would ever get in any group fame farm also use to full group wipe people in there with the mobs so I had no problems at all against other players with stealth.

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