Add more crystal timers (outside of only 3 timezones) and reduce cost/rewards for low level crystals

    • Add more crystal timers (outside of only 3 timezones) and reduce cost/rewards for low level crystals

      There are a few problems with crystals right now:

      (1) Inexperienced teams still regularly match up with highly experienced teams
      (2) There are not enough timers for crystals during the season for committed 5v5 players to get enough content
      (3) The currently proposed season timers still don't work for a lot of players
      (4) The IP cap for higher tier crystals feels too low
      (5) The cost to enter low level crystals is too high

      Here are some potential solutions:

      (1) level 1, 2, and 3 crystals need to all run at the same time even in off season
      (2) & (3) Add a crystal timer one hour after each territory timer (1, 4, 6, 13, 16, 19, 22 UTC). This hits almost all timezones. The current fix only works towards the 'not enough fights for committed players' but doesn't help people who are working or sleeping at those times.
      (4) Raise the IP cap for level 2 crystals to 1100 and for level 3 crystals to 1300 so players bring real gear (giving the winner real loot) and the fights feel more like the old GvGs
      (5) These are the most important changes I would suggest to lower the barrier to entry for new players and generate more tokens for higher level crystals:
      ---> Please lower the cost for the level 1 token (to like 20k)
      ---> allow players to purchase level 1, 2, and 3 tokens from the vendor. This sets a cost ceiling for the low tier tokens and ensures the best teams never have to play a level one crystal.
      ---> significantly lower the rewards of level 1 crystals to match the cost (potentially to zero silver... just the level 2 token which can be sold or used).

      Low tier and high tier teams need to be able to self-segregate into the correct crystal match for them or we'll keep seeing mismatched fights which will discourage new players from even trying. Level 3 crystals need to be challenging, expensive, and give the best rewards. Level 1 crystals need to have a low IP cap and give very little in rewards other than a fair fight (for practice) and a chance to move on to level 2 crystals. Good teams should have zero incentive to play level 1 crystals.