Founder for years but can’t even play the game!

    • Founder for years but can’t even play the game!

      I became a founder years ago. Was very excited for the game and it’s great potential. One problem, I only have an iPad to play on. For over a year now, I’ve re-downloaded the game from time to time, hoping to actually be able to log in and play. But to no avail. It crashes during the loading screen after the character selection every time. I’m honestly pissed. I’ve reported it but it only gets blamed on Apple. They say it’s Apples fault and there’s nothing they can do. This game has been in “beta” for years though. Just a title that allows them to cop out of putting it onto the App Store like so many other successful games that have figured out how to abide by Apple’s “ridiculous requirements” for the games on their store.

      There should’ve been a fix or solution for this more then a year ago. I’m certain I’m far from the only one pissed off by this. How long will this continue? Will there even be an official launch for this game? I’m doubtful honestly. So very disappointed with you developers.
    • Software development can take a LOT of time, especially for cross platform compatibility.
      SBI only has so many people to throw at any given problem.
      That being said, it would be nice to get an update on the progress for iOS.
      The requirements for iOS devices are very vague.

      iOS (full iOS Support will be available after official release):

      • A high-end iOS tablet will be required. Detailed minimum system requirements will be published ahead of the iOS release (ETA yet to be determined)
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    • Hello Wardog,

      Which iPad are you using? Do you have the latest iOS software 13.3 installed. Everytime Apple releases an update, Albion starts to have problems for me, but once I update the software, the problems are resolved.

      I have a 2017 10.5” iPAD PRO, with 4GB of RAM. Older models and non PRO models have less RAM.
      Which iPAD do you have? Models with 2GB of RAM are supported, but have issues. The more RAM you have, the better your game experience will be.
    • Yes, of course, making certain that my iPad is up to date is always the first go to, when troubleshooting a problem. I have an iPad Air 2. I used to play the game just fine on it long ago, but one of the updates back then caused it to start to crash to the home screen. At first it would crash at random, but a couple updates later, and it’s been unplayable since.

      @Midgard This is a rant forum and so this is my rant. And I feel it’s a cop out to allow them to work on their own timetable and yes, could understand the appeal to not have to deal with the annoyance of complying with Apple’s ridiculous regulations and such. But I know I have got to be only one of many affected by this decision. I understand I’m the lesser minority of such iPad users, but seriously, there should’ve been some sort of solution by now.

      @RenKatal I have known that full IOS support will be available after official launch since they first announced it. But at this point it’s my prerogative to speculate weather or not an official launch will be coming.