Can we please get solo hellgates?

    • Can we please get solo hellgates?

      I understand that this is an MMO, but that shouldn't mean that you have to work with other people. I want to *fight* other people -- but don't want to listen to all the inane chatter in Discord; don't want to wait for the group (or leaders) to decide what to do; don't want to wait for everyone to get their gear together; et cetera.

      Considering we already have group hellgates offering fair fights for 5v5 teams... solo hellgates should not be an extreme technical challenge for the devs to put into the game.

      Just make gates which take you to a random instance and which disappear after one person enters. This helps prevent members of the same group from winding up in the same hellgate. You could even make it so that people in same group/guild/alliance would never enter the same hellgate.

      But, at the same time, you could have four entrances inside the hellgate leading to some bosses near the center. So... imagine four paths leading to the center. You spawn at one of the entrances and work your way toward the center. At the end of every entrance tunnel (before you're in the exact middle) there is a mini-boss. You have to beat each mini-boss at the end of each tunnel before you can beat the big boss (in the middle) for the treasure. While you're fighting one of the bosses... other solo players could also be working their way to the center and ready to fight. Then, after you beat the big boss (and any opponents), instead of just teleporting out after you get the loot... you can choose to immediately do another hellgate by going through another portal -- or you can A out and go home with your loot. So you could have players doing one hellgate after another until they get more loot than they can carry. That's a lot of engagement.

      The benefits of this arrangement for players...

      A). They finally get real solo content (instead of going into a "solo" random dungeon and getting ganked by 12 guys in a group).

      B.) Have a better chance at actually getting into fair fights (with significant risk and rewards). 1v1, 1v1v1, or 1v1v1v1. Instead of just picking fights in the open world and hoping the rest of your victim's group isn't just outside their field of vision.

      C.) Get another option for PvP content when the rest of their group is offline or dragging their asses.

      D.) Have another segment of the game to provide bragging rights. It's one thing to own the most territory, another to have the best 5v5 group, and another to be the best solo hellgater. Not everyone wants to be part of a zerg, a 5v5, or even a duo.

      I understand that some people have a lot of gold and constantly go all-in against larger groups to get kills by themselves. Good for them. I know some people are even able to do with this some success. But not everyone wants (or can afford) to constantly regear while looking for fair fights (or searching solo dungeons which may be empty of filled with a ganking squad). Hunting gatherers is just as tedious and presents similar problems -- you often can't find anyone, or they're using every escape tool, or they've got ten guys on Discord just outside of your field vision.

      If SBI provided solo hellgates it would provide another element of the game for a common type of player -- and even people in guilds are often on when their team isn't. It would increase activity in the game without taking away from other aspects. People would still fight for territory and do 5v5 activities. Everything else in the game would still happen, but solo players would finally, finally have the option for fair and consistent PvP fights.

      Can we please have solo hellgates?
    • Having a 1v1 HG would be a MAJOR upgrade to game. They could also use the opportunity to implement these when they fix the 2s gates. They need to ensure to not make the same design flaws as current gates.

      Just make the 1v1 a long corridor with a small middle circle where the loot resides. This would still allow for kite builds but they could not just run in circles avoiding fight. Make the middle chest a 10-15 second channel to open (easy fix they should do for 2s as well).

      For those that would say healers would dominate this content there are several builds that absolutely wreck healers in solo play.
    • @Tabor

      Yeah, I think it would help a lot.

      They should definitely include mechanics to prevent people from running out/away at the first sign of an opponent. But I think, as I've described, it would be acceptable to have four paths into the center -- so as to allow multiple solo players to potentially enter the same hellgate (perhaps until all the mini-bosses are killed). And if they allowed you to directly do one hellgate after another (without exiting and then running all over the map to find another entrance)... the hellgates would stay full and the potential loot earned (by killing a player who has already done a few in a row) would be substantial.

      Solo hellgates would probably develop their own meta. This would depend both on what people were building and how many opponents you're likely to potentially encounter. So if healers became popular... people would start to build to counter them. Then that counter would be countered. And if sometimes you only found one other solo player but other times you found three... then your build and your tactics might change for that as well. If one build did somehow start to dominate the meta... then they could adjust the mobs so as to make them more difficult to kill for a person using that build. But I think there would be rock/paper/scissors element at play and I don't think balancing solo hellgates would be an insurmountable task.
    • Tabor wrote:

      I mean 1v1v1 ultimately means 2v1 in most cases unfortunately. But yeah that would also be interesting.
      The thing is... at least it wouldn't be a predetermined 2v1. You wouldn't go in knowing with certainty that you'd be fighting alongside someone else. So it would still be a fair fight. And even if it was a 2v1 temporarily... that would turn into a 1v1 after the odd-man-out got killed.

      Preventing teams from entering would be as simple as closing gates after one person entered and sending people to random hellgates -- even if they entered at the same time. So if you and your friend were on Discord and both entered different entrances at the same time... you'd still not necessarily enter the same hellgate. Restricting party, guild, and alliance members would also go a long way to prevent teammates from being in the same solo dungeon. And even if two teammates did occassionally enter the same hellgate... it would still be a one-off because only one of them would be able to use the portal to go to the next hellgate after defeating the central boss. So if you wanted to play with a friend... solo hellgates would not be the way to go.

      In any event, I think it would be fine to have the potential for 1v1, 1v1v1, or 1v1v1v1 engagements. Two or three strangers would sometimes, temporarily, make it a 1v2, or even a 1v3, but it would be intense because even if they beat the individual player they'd immediately turn on each other afterwards. It would be the shakiest and briefest of alliances. And if you were sometimes the odd man out... facing a 1v2 or a 1v3 would still be more fair than most fights you're going to find anywhere else as a solo player.

      But look, I'm not set in stone on the four entrances ideas. I was just giving some ideas. If it were just a "two-may-enter and one-may-leave" scenario... that would be perfectly fine with me. Maybe even better. I'm just trying to put some ideas out there to provide more content for solo players and to increase their chances of reliably finding fairish fights.

      My only hope is that SBI doesn't see this and think... "Hey, that's a great idea! But how about we make it so that if you're in a zerg alliance then the hellgate entrance won't close after you enter and any number of your guildmates can also enter the same solo hellgate!" If any devs are looking at this... I'd like to make it clear that's not what I'm asking for. No offense, but I feel obliged to clarify that point. I'm just asking for something to help out the solo players and to provide reliable PvP content when your guildmates aren't online.
    • I was thinking about something similar. I also think a 1v1v1v1 gate might be the most interesting form, makes things a bit more chaotic compared to some sort of 1v1, no items, final destination scenario. E.g. if you rely on a combo with a long cooldown like with a cape, you might not have it for a second fight. But they could try both and see what feels better.

      Unlike OP I think solo-dungeons are pretty decent solo content, but that's mostly PvE. Time for some true solo PvP content.

      ++ Please add
    • FriendlyFire wrote:

      I was thinking about something similar. I also think a 1v1v1v1 gate might be the most interesting form, makes things a bit more chaotic compared to some sort of 1v1, no items, final destination scenario. E.g. if you rely on a combo with a long cooldown like with a cape, you might not have it for a second fight. But they could try both and see what feels better.

      Unlike OP I think solo-dungeons are pretty decent solo content, but that's mostly PvE. Time for some true solo PvP content.

      ++ Please add
      They could implement both! Whenever you entered into a solo dungeon you wouldn't know if it was a 1v1 or a 1v1v1v1! I don't know if that would be ideal, but it's an idea worth considering.
    • You could even do after enter do a random 30 seconds preparation stage till u get ported in...

      Okay that would mean max 30 seconds of u life wasted after u entered portal but it would make any "time aligned meetings on enter" more or less impossible

      So the game mixes all people in a 30 secs delay enter..or minute..

      Some wait 10 seconds some 30 on next hg start phase and get random mixed
    • I would even agree with you, but I believe that as they cannot balance the Hellgate, which gives a lot of fame and a lot of reward in a short period of time. It will kill the ground dungeons for good...

      I believe for everything to become viable, they should follow the configuration:
      • Hellgates: 20% Fame 80% reward;
      • Dungeons: 70% Fame 30% reward;

      Obs: Hellgates you will still have a fair fight and will be able to pick up items from opponents;

      Finally, I'm not against it, I just hope you find a balance and logic to do everything, not just launch something new and kill something old.

    • I guess the issue with anything beyond 1v1 is that it would increase the chances of two people who know each other getting into the same hellgate. After thinking about it, it would probably be best to just keep it a simple 1v1.

      If you want to work with a group to fight solo players... you can just go to a solo dungeon. And I'm thinking that half the solo dungeons (random or otherwise) could be replaced with solo hellgates. I can't imagine that this would be a particularly difficult thing to implement.