Missing Skills Animations from Chars and Mobs

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    • Missing Skills Animations from Chars and Mobs

      This is a bug report:

      Sometimes I see the skills animations, sometimes I do not. When I don’t see them, most of the times I can see the lines, but I also get hit by some invisible skills and sometimes even die because of it (as happens with some of the lasting field skills, such as those goos vomited from the big gouls, don’t see them at all).
      I also don’t see chests and the enchantments on hide mobs.
      Hoped it could be fixed on the last update, but the problems remain.
      I play on an iPad Pro 2nd generation.
      Thanks! :)
    • Merkur wrote:

      This was a measure to improve performance way back.
      However, the system works very randomly at the moment. We are looking into reworking the optimization of displaying spells, probably with a new prioritization system.

      I see!

      Most of the missing skill animations does not harm game-play much, there are still lines showing them;
      however, there are moments when the skills are still working, but the lines are not there, causing damage from a invisible source.

      Also, when the animations are missing, the hide mobs do not show the enchantment their hide holds.

      One idea is to make the skill animations, on settings, an option to be turned on/off (I'm sure you guys have already thought of it).

      Those animations are so beautiful, so well done, it's so much nicer to play seeing them.

      Congrats, guys, the game is getting better and better! It's also great to hear back from you guys here at the forum.
    • I find on my iPad Pro 2018 12.9” all the visual effects gone, so can’t see the arrows I am firing or hitting mobs, etc., so I guess the same as above. However it is very annoying when ghouls spit on the ground and you can’t see those areas where there is acid on the ground, or longer moving line, you only see that they are about to do it, but not when it is about to hit you, or are you truly outside of the area.
    • This also happens on PC... I'm having the same issues, it's not really impossible to play, it's just very annoying to have to "guess" where the skills are.

      Another example if I use a siegebow I cannot see the cone of the arrows, only the general direction they're going to (I can confirm I am hitting enemies as their "hit" animation plays)