(ART) Galahad is recruiting!

    • (ART) Galahad is recruiting!

      Welcome to Galahad!

      We are a helpful, family guild that was founded on the premise of making an Albion a better place. We are also the founding member of ART (Alliance of the Round Table) and proudly stand beside Mists of Avalon and Goldrunners as partners and friends. Our Alliance is one of equals. We work together for the betterment all!

      Our own goal is to build until we are around a 20-30 fighting force of active players, dedicated to helping each other get the most out of the Albion experience. We are definitely interested in all forms of gameplay and not just PvP. But at our core we are about keeping the blue players safe from the reds. In that we hold to one truth...

      RED = DEAD

      PvP in the black zones is another matter, as we are all red out there. But we do ask that our members behave as honorably as possible in such an environment. We also run dungeon groups regularly!

      Our motto is we win together and we lose together. We're right together and wrong together. Our victory's are sweetened and our failure's lessened because we did them together. We are a family. Beyond all that there is one more component to the mixture. Fun. We're here to have fun no matter the activity because we know that laughter is the best medicine.

      What we are...

      -Small, tight-knit, dedicated to helping each other prosper
      -A desire of quality over quantity in our membership
      -Founders of an alliance with like-minded people for a larger force when we need it
      -Weekly PvP and PvE events
      -Have a 6/6 Guild Island in Thetford with a full set of crafting stations upgraded to Tier 6 and growing
      -Tax rate is 15%
      -New player friendly
      -Interested in all forms of gameplay, not just PvP
      -Age of 18+ and Discord for info sharing and voice chat in groups

      What we are not...

      -Focused on zerg mentality
      -A guild that sees you as just another body

      What we want...

      -Friendly, active, and social people
      -Those who want to have our backs because we will have theirs
      -A willingness to learn
      -Players who value their guildmates and look to support them whenever possible
      -Players who also value our alliance and seek to support them as well

      Apply in-game or Discord and join up today!


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    • BUMP

      Continuing to grow! Groups up running each night during the evenings (timezones range from UK, to PST, CST, and EST, with EST the primary) for dungeons and PvP!

      An alliance with another friendly, like-minded guild is in the works as well has been formed (see above post!)...which will provide more chances for larger scale activities. You'll have lots of opportunities to enjoy Albion in good company here. The aim of our guild is to be a small (around 20) and tight knit group of players who help each other. We are getting closer to that mark but need a few more quality people!

      Right now I'd like to fill out our roster with a few more UK players to join the ones we have, along with a few more North American ones. Get some decent activity around the clock.

      Join us!


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    • BUMP

      Our first recruitment drive is nearly complete! The plan then is to let things settle, focus on the members we have, and then go from there.

      That said we are still open to quality people who are active in Albion and want to be part of a tight knit, non-toxic guild that has your back! Come be part of our adventures, both in-guild and alliance!

      You can still join us!!

    • Have been having a great time with this lot, very chill and helpful people. Please let me know if you have questions! I am in-game as much as I can be.

      Swabien wrote:

      Have Really enjoyed this group a lot. Great company, helpful environment and lot laughs :)

      xTeresax wrote:

      I have been playing Albion since it launched back when you had to buy it for $60, long before free to play. I have been a part of many guilds,I have met many people in this game. Galahad is the best among them, hands down. These guys are my friends and I look forward to seeing them each and every day I can. Galahad is not the strongest guild, we don't wreck everyone in pvp, but we have a lot of fun spending time together be it in hellgates, dungeons, or running around naked trying to find a guy on a bear to win a million silver. I am playing Albion more than ever, and it is due to Galahad and the community theo has built here n_n

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    • BUMP

      Hellgates this week, followed by some more group PvP practice this weekend.

      We do it all here, and continue to evolve while being based out of Thetford.

      Come be part of it and our growing alliance!

      We're always seeking active players willing to learn or already experienced players looking to help out a new, friendly, and chill group of people to gain a foothold. :)