[RELEASE] Discord Assistant Bot Emilie

    • DammitMike wrote:

      Is it possible to calculate value of chest log that way? For example if I drop loot to the chest, copy logs for bot to calculate value of items
      This is a really nice suggestion.
      I don't think it would be hard for the bot to parse items in the format of the copied logs.
      However, I won't be able to find the time to implement this currently. Perhaps some time next month.
      Discord: Matcha (Matcharo)#2163
    • Lukagabriel wrote:

      Hello, first of all: Thanks for Emilie!

      You mentioned that you don’t use it to welcome or things like that, but I would like to know how I can configure this option for a recruiting room.

      Thanks in advance.

      Hi, this is only possible if you host the bot yourself.
      Assuming you know some python, all you have to do is edit the talk.py file in the Unused cogs folder, then put the file into the cogs folder before starting the bot.

      In talk.py, look for the line:

      Python Source Code

      1. self.generalChannel = client.get_channel(12345678)

      and change the "12345678" to the channel ID of your Discord channel that you want the bot to send the message to.
      The channel ID can be obtained by going into Discord's settings and enabling "Developer Mode" under "ADVANCED" in "Appearance", then right clicking on a channel and click on "Copy ID".

      Next, look for this line under the async def on_member_join(self, member): function:

      Python Source Code

      1. message = f"{member.mention}\nWelcome to the the guild!"

      Change anything inside " " to whatever welcome message you want. The {member.mention} @mentions the person who joined the server.

      Lastly, the bot also has a function that sends a PM to to a member if you have just given them the "Member" role.
      If you don't want this, look for this line under the async def on_member_update(self, before, after): function:

      Python Source Code

      1. await before.send(message)

      and change it to pass.
      If you do want this function, don't edit the line before, and instead you can change the PM by looking for this line in the def welcome_message(self): function:

      Python Source Code

      1. message = "Well hello there!"

      and change anything inside " " to whatever PM you want the bot to send.
      You can also look for the line:

      Python Source Code

      1. self.memberRoles = ["Member"]

      and add other roles that you want the bot to PM to, for example: self.memberRoles = ["Member", "Gatherer", "DPS"] etc.
      Discord: Matcha (Matcharo)#2163
    • Emilie's prices are no longer updated currently. (RESOLVED)

      Broderick Hyman (Maintainer of Albion Data Project) wrote:

      There seems to be quite a few issues introduced in the latest game patch, which also included some more advanced techniques for limiting data mining. I am aware that the client is pretty much crippled at the moment and I am evaluating my next steps. However I should say that I am contemplating stopping my servers. The source code is all open source so anyone can pick up maintenance like I did a couple years ago.

      The new patch has created some issues for the Albion Data Project that might be difficult to solve.
      As Emilie gets her prices from the Data Project, this has affected the prices shown, as users of the Data Project Client cannot upload prices to the Data Project.
      You might have noticed that the "Last Updated" fields are all not recent.

      There are a couple of people working on fixing this currently.
      But in the event that the Data Project decides to shut down and no one decides to take over, then Emilie will retire too.

      Emilie is currently in almost 1200 different Discord servers, and I'm sure even more players rely on the data from the Data Project via other means such as Albion Online 2D.
      So hopefully this can be solved soon.

      K021 wrote:

      Is there chance to place some information about sold amount of product in last (for example) 3h?
      This was a planned feature.
      I was hoping to update the historical plot that is a spaghetti plot currently to be clearer, and to include histograms that tells you the sold amount at every couple of hours.
      I will continue to work on this if the current issues (see above) are fixed.
      Discord: Matcha (Matcharo)#2163

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    • MatchaBear wrote:

      Emilie's prices are no longer updated currently. (RESOLVED)

      This has been resolved.
      Poor Emilie has to start her work now.

      Broderick Hyman (Maintainer of Albion Data Project) wrote:

      Thank you to @walkeralencar @Sursamen @MarleyTheMongolianMoose and others for the help, a new version of the client 0.0.28 has been released.The biggest issues should be resolved for now, but this project is far from perfect and the latest obfuscation techniques make each patch more challenging to update.

      Thanks to the help of various people, market data can now continue to be uploaded to the Data Project via the latest version of the Data Project client.
      And so Emilie will start working again. Please also download the latest Data Project client and run it while playing the game if you want to help to update market data.

      I have also fixed a bug that is uncovered from this ordeal which prevents Emilie from sending the Discord embed when there are no data for either sell or buy orders.

      Again, huge thanks to everyone involved in the Data Project.
      Emilie and various other tools would not be possible without them.
      Discord: Matcha (Matcharo)#2163
    • RafaSegala wrote:

      It's possible to update the prices to the current market price? Is the a command to do it?

      Usually I get more than 3 or 4 ours of delay.
      This is because the data don't come from an official API, they are based on player gathering data. So either push SBI to release official API, or download the client from here albion-online-data.com/ and contribute yourself and your friends to the data.
    • rubity wrote:

      How could I, for example, research the price of an enchanted material? I tried 'emilie price t4@1 leather' but the bot returns the price of the t4.
      Hi, you can search for the item's name "uncommon worked leather" etc., or the item ID "t4 leather level1@1".

      The item searching is not smart enough, and "t4@1 leather" is more similar to "t4 leather" than "t4 leather level1@1", which is why the normal T4 leather is returned.

      The search is implemented by Python's "difflib" library, using "SequenceMatcher".
      I believe the algorithm is quite robust, and you can read about it here.

      If anyone know of better/faster methods, feel free to let me know.
      Discord: Matcha (Matcharo)#2163