• Not trying to witch hunt, but seriously, why is Shozen the host of AlbionTV? I feel like with all the frustrations everyone is having with this event anyways he just makes it worse. Half way through streaming the event hes saying hes not going to watch it and go make a sandwich? This is on YOUR GAME'S OFFICIAL STREAM. People cant join the event and your streamer that doesnt have limitations to get in is doing a half ass job to at least let people see what is going on... He just adds fuel to the fire with everything bad that is going on.
    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      C'mon he was probably hungry, so all okay

      Enjoy your meal, happy that you streamed..
      You had a good time so everyone else shouldn’t complain right?
      look at this from anyone else’s point of view Hollywoodi. This event was a total shizafest no matter how you look at it or how you try to defend it.
      stop sucking SBIs d**k and admit that this event is in total shambles. SBI has better handle this well or they will lose ALOT of their players.
    • Its not even that. People couldn't get in to the event so yeah the event sucked. But This had a lot of viewership and a chance to bring in new people to the game or returning players back and you have shozen representing the Albion channel and it just made the game look even worse than it already did with the bad event. If I saw that stream and the attitude of shozen hosting it I don't think it would make me want to try it out or come back.
    • I agree. Quitting is extreme, im just saying the stream could be used to apologize for the bad event. And then try to put on a good show for the people watching that couldn't get in. Instead you have shozen memeing and saying he wasn't even going to keep showing it because he wanted to make a sandwich. Then he's just reading recruitment messages and afking not even paying attention to the event. I felt like the stream could have healed some wounds, but instead you just had a bad event and a even worse stream imo.