Albion Bounty Hunter / Assassin System

    • Hooo boy, lets break this down.

      Jerek wrote:

      What is a Bounty Hunter / Assassin?
      A bounty hunter can be any adventurer who uses their combat knowledge and abilities to hunt down targets throughout the world of Albion. In order to become a hunter, the player must first talk to an NPC who represents the Caerleon faction. This faction is located in the city of Caerleon, and this is where players must go to flag up it. Futhermore, Don Caerleon has employed several "Shady Informant NPCs" which are located in all the Royal CIties (Bridgewatch, Martlock, Thetford, Fort Sterling, Lymhurst), and in Warcamps in the open world. Players who accept missions must seek out these individuals to find out who their targets are.
      Assassins operate in the same way, except instead of hunting down Albion's most wanted criminals, they are contracted killers who help reduce the numbers of NPC faction mobs / City Faction players.
      First I don't mind the Idea of a player driven bounty system, but there is no need for any sort of contracts for NPCs.

      Going out and killing them on their own is rewarding enough. You don't need to add another layer of complexity to it.
      The beauty of Albion Online is that it has elegant simplicity.

      Jerek wrote:

      What is the Caerleon Hunter Faction?

      The Caerleon Hunter faction is a new neutral faction simliar to the city factions already in the game. There is one NPC representative, placed somewhere within the city borders. Clicking on the NPC will bring up a window just like the factional NPCs.
      Caerleon doesn't have a faction because they are represented by the black market and the smugglers at the stations for the smuggling mission.

      Jerek wrote:

      Faction Enlistment - Selecting this tab will is how you enlist in the Hunter's Guild by selecting the Accept Button. This will immediately change the players shield icon at the top left corner to the Hunter's Guild Emblem. Now a player can start accepting bounty hunting missions and marks.
      This would just become confusing, as their are already Hunter's Lodge crafting stations, and Guilds are already a major player driven part of Albion.

      You seem to have standard faction setup for the bits describing the faction, so I wont go over them.

      Jerek wrote:

      Faction Baby Animals & Mounts

      Albino Foal- A new baby animal unique to the Hunter's Guild faction. These new baby animals can be placed in a kennel to grow into tame animals. The grown animals can be crafted into faction mounts
      Saddled Albino Horse - A fast, armored, and agile horse with a 70% movement speed bonus and 125% gallop movement speed bonus. It also has increased armor, and CC resistance. Like other factional specific mounts, there are no special abilities.
      This is LITERALLY just a t8 armored horse.

      Jerek wrote:

      Vanity Armor Sets
      I am never one to say no to a good vanity armor set.

      Jerek wrote:

      Kill Contracts
      These are just WoW ! quests with forced PvP.

      Jerek wrote:

      Assassination Missions

      Assassination missions are for players looking for more high risk, and high reward gameplay within the Royal Continents. Each of the 5 city factions offer missions to eliminate opposing enemy faction members. These work just like the KIll Contract missions except instead of a silver cost, a player must use Bloodhearts as currency to accept a mission.
      There are 3 levels of Assassination Missions available. Here is an example:
      I already get faction points for killing opposing faction members.

      Jerek wrote:

      Royal Bounties

      On the Royal Continent, players who are killed by enemy players in the red zone have the option of placing a bounty on their killer. Once a player is killed by another player who has a reputation of suspicous or lower, an option will be available beside the respawn button called "Place Bounty". The bounty total will increase if other players are killed by the criminal and decide to issue a bounty. Once a bounty has been issued, the criminal will be informed that a bounty has been issued, but will not tell them the amount.

      Factional flagged players may not place bounties on enemy faction players.

      Players may only place a bounty on the same enemy criminal once. However, there is no cap on the amount of player criminals who you can issue bounties for.

      The player can only place a bounty on the one who executes them, and not the entire ganking group.

      Royal Bounties must be a minimum of 50k and a maxiumum of 1 million silver.
      Here is where we start to see eye to eye a bit, but your mechanics are flawed.

      Bounties should have to be placed inside the royal cities at a bounty office, not immediately after someone has killed you, and only on players who where flagged red at the time of your death.

      No problem with the faction restrictions, if you sign up for a faction, you sign up for an intentional PvP experience, you don't get to place bounties on enemy combatants.

      If a player gets killed by the same player over and over, they should be able to increase their bounty every time, but only at the moment of death.

      Only having the killer for the bounty is fine.

      There should be no minimum or maximum, this would make is so poorer players could not contribute to the bounty, and If i have more than one million silver to spite my killer, why wouldn't I be able to put it toward their bounty.

      Jerek wrote:

      Outland Bounties

      In the Outlands, bounties work a bit differently then on the Royal Continent. Since the Outlands is considered the "Wild West" of Albion, there are fewer restrictions compared to their Royal counterparts. In order to place a bounty, a player must seek out a Bounty Board.
      The minimum amount for an outland bounty is 250 000, and there is no cap on how much can be offered.
      There is no law in the Outlands. You go out there at your own risk.
      Why should PvP players be punished for that. You should neither be able to post or collect upon bounties that aren't on the Royal Island.
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    • Jerek wrote:

      Top Bounty Hunters
      This tab will show the top Bounty Hunters for the week, month, and all time. This is the rankings for the top Bounty Hunters in Albion Online. It contains the name of the player, the total amount of silver collected from bounties, and the amount of kills the bounty hunter has.

      Most Wanted List
      This tab will show the most wanted criminals currently out in the world of Albion. Stats include their current reputation level, the total bounty on them, number of hunters killed who they have killed, and total infamy points. The total number of infamy points determines who are the top criminals in Albion.
      Albion's most wanted players, can openly attack any flagged player hunter, and vice versa. If a most wanted player is killed, a system wide message will display across the screen of all currently flagged hunters: (PLAYER NAME), ALBION'S MOST WANTED HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ELIMINATED! Once a most wanted player is killed, their reputation level is set back to Neutral.
      Criminals who kill enemy hunters will receive bonus points towards their total infamy
      If they do add a bounty system, adding these to the already existing ranking system would be easy enough.

      Jerek wrote:

      Royal Bounties:

      Royal Bounties grant the hunter 50% of the total amount for the bounty on successfully executing their target. The rest of the bounty is taken by payment to Don Caerleon. Once the target is destroyed, If multiple bounty hunters are tracking the same target, the hunter who fires the final blow to the target claims the bounty. Players can group together to hunt marks, which will split the bounty and Caerleon faction points evenly amongst the group members.
      Bounty Hunters who have the same target are able to openly attack one another in the open world with full loot pvp. (Remember bounty hunting is a dangerous profession full of scum and shady invidivuals, and it's not for everybody).
      Only one bounty can be accepted at a time for either a solo player or a group of hunters. Once a bounty is accepted a "Bounty Mark" is placed in the player or group leader's inventory. Players can remove the mark from their inventory at any time, which will cancel the bounty. When a bounty hunter successfully kills or contributes (in the same group) to the death of the bounty, the item will become a "Completed Bounty Mark".
      When the bounty dies, a system message will inform all hostile bounty hunters who currently jave the same mission, that target X has been eliminated by (Hunter's Name). To complete the mission and receive the reward, the player or group leader must travel back to Caerleon, and hand the completed bounty mark back to the factional NPC stationed in the city. At this stage you must be very cautious, because enemy bounty hunters on the same mission can attack you, and steal the mark for themselves.
      So you are saying, if i take down a 1 m silver bounty I only get half, that isn't how bounties work. A tax on the bounty when posted would be better, standard market rate of 3% seems fair to create a silver sink.

      If you aren't in a party is shouldn't be final blow, but most damage dealt, like resource mobs. any group of players that bring down a bounty should split the bounty evenly.

      To be able to attack a blue flagged bounty you would have to flag red, reds can be attacked by anyone.
      This is an already established game mechanic.

      Real bounty hunters can go after multiple bounties at the same time, why shouldn't Abionians.

      You are creating a system needless complication, just let the player get a bounty when they kill someone who has a bounty on their head. That would be easier to code and for the servers to handle.

      Jerek wrote:

      Outland Bounties:

      A player with a bounty issued will have a crosshair buff icon displayed beside their name. Outland Bounties grant 20% of the total bounty total to the player or group that successfully completes the bounty. Afterwards there is a cooldown period of 24 hours before the player / group is able to claim more of the bounty pool. Once the total bounty pool is depleted, the bounty is removed from the bounty boards.
      Bounties will not be rewarded to players who are:

      In an Alliance with the bounty
      In a Guild with the bounty
      In a friend list with the bounty
      Again, Outlands should be the No Mans Land of Albion, no bounty collection available.

      The cross-hair icon is ingenious. however I would replace it with a bag of silver next to their flagged status.
      this would signify that the player has a bounty placed on them.

      Bounties should be paid out in full when the target is killed, not parceled out over time.

      Restricting bounties to non alliance and non guild members wouldn't be a bad idea,
      here however is where the system as a whole falls apart,


      You can leave a guild, you can leave an alliance, you can unfriend someone.

      If anyone with a high bounty asked they could get someone to kill them and just split the bounty with them!
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    • Please SBI, Next content update, Give us a bounty system, For the love of solo players! Also once the fight starts please lock the bounty hunter and hes target in a duel state, So we don't need 20 people to take on 1 target if he has friends, The bounty system should be a true 1v1 system, Which ever Bounty hunter attacks first gets the fight its pretty simple.