Speedhacks still a thing? Devs aware?

    • Speedhacks still a thing? Devs aware?

      I dont know the architecture of the game, but i suppose the movement speed is not validated on the server but client side...

      there are dozens of videos of albion speedhackers out there so no need to proof of its existence..

      just now someone dismounted and ran beside me at the same speed while i was mounted and riding away....

      i know its probably hard to fix this issue because the game and all the code around it are already set in stone and i dont know the effort (probably huge) thats needed to fix it..

      however is this even a priority for devs?

      are devs able to look into logs and deduct/recapture if someone was using something fishy so we can at least report that person and be sure that he is beeing rightfully punished?
    • If you die to someone who you believe was speed hacking then open your recent deaths, take a screen shot of it to preserve the name and report it to support via a ticket. If you can manage to get their exact name that's even better.

      There is also a section on the forums where you can discretely report players. Having video footage can also help a lot.

      You can send support tickets in through the Albion Online home page under the drop down menu when hovering over your email address.

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