Fight in randomized solo dungeon

    • Fight in randomized solo dungeon

      Fight inside a randomized solo dungeon is never fair. The setting of the map is linear which makes the pursuit by dungeon divers (let's admit it, it's called solo but divers come here with 3+) straightforward.

      Why not make it a maze with a lot of crossroads/paths, hide the layout of the map by default and reveal it if more than one (or two) player(s) is(are) inside.
    • Unfortunately if you're getting dove by 3+ people, you shouldn't have a set worth a damned for them to split up. Even I realized after a while that if I'm going to get dove by multiple enemies, my 120k set isn't going to be worth crap to them and it isn't worth getting upset about. It will take a few times (it was demoralizing at first), but after a bit you'll realize that it's basically nothing. Further on, some people are able to use mobs and strategy to kill multiple people in fights like that so practice up when you can. Making the dungeons crazier will just make it more annoying to clear.