iOS Beta Application

    • И я жду, когда игра появится в магазине приложений. Я ждал этого много лет. Я купил игру несколько лет назад, из-за кросс-платформенных обещаний. Я хотел играть на своем ipad. У меня нет компьютера. И я был обманут.

      And I'm waiting for the game to appear in the App Store. I've been waiting for years. I bought the game a few years ago, because of cross-platform promises. I wanted to play on my ipad. I don't have a PC. And I was deceived.
    • Albion using TestFlight to deploy the iOS application, which has a 10000 person limit -- see here. I assume it is full. They sometimes 'purge the rolls' (I assume people that haven't updated/played in awhile) - when you see posts on here about "I lost access", that's what it is about -- and new people get invites. I assume it will move out of Beta at some point.