Gathering Tools - Make UnEquipable or Add Equip Bonuses

    • Gathering Tools - Make UnEquipable or Add Equip Bonuses

      The biggest (and simplest) QoL fix i can think of for gatherers is to do one of two things:
      1. Remove the ability to equip a tool as a weapon.
      2. Add Gathering Bonuses OR escape abilities for Equipping your tool in place of a weapon.

      Right now when using Shift+Right-Click to move things into your inventory if you do so with a tool it equips it swapping it out for your currently equipped weapons (worse for Axe and Pick it swap out BOTH the weapon and your off-hand). It's a minor pain but one I run into ALL THE TIME :(

      As there is no bonus to using a tool in your hand then the ability to wield it should be removed. Unless you instead add either a gathering bonus for lowering your kill potential OR add some escape spells to the gathering tools that are slightly better than their counterparts found on main weapons. (eg: dagger has a 15m dash, maybe tools get a 20m dash on same cd?)
      This would make the gathering tools good weapons for gatherers but useless for PVPer's due to the lack of damage and damaging abilities.