Dagger Pair Bug

    • Dagger Pair Bug

      The dagger pair is said to have 75% armor resilience penetration, similar to the rest of the dagger line. The math works perfectly on my claws. But on dagger pair, the armor passive penetration is broken. As an example, one can buff up the slit throat E with various buffs like Druid robe obsessive burst and sunder armor charges. However, when I duel someone the actual slit throat damage does NOT incorporate the proper 75% armor penetration, instead it is far far less. Something is wrong. I’ve checked in claws and the armor penetration is correct.
    • To be clear...Resilience penetration is a stat , that ignore % of Focus Fire Protection buff.

      And now tell, in what circumstances you was testing penetration? What LvL of Fire protection got your enemy? (because you can't test it in duel) And how the fu*k penetration worked correctly for you on Claws in duel ?( , maybe you miss Dot dmg? Because it is refreshing each time(and deal damage every + - 0.5 sec during the channel, and for several seconds after channel ends)

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    • So I must understand ‘armor resilience penetration’ incorrectly then if you’re right. My understanding was that armor resilience penetration meant that if an enemy had armor of 280, an ‘armor resilience penetration’ on my weapon means that their effective armor 75% reduced would mean that for attacks by my weapon alone their armor only counts as 70 armor. I thought that was the intended mechanic. To your question, I have tested claws by duels as well as PvP and monitoring the combat damage log. For claws anyways, it appears that they do penetrate through 75% of armor resistances. The combat numbers were always about right. But for the big slit throat E on dagger pair, it does not behave this way.

      I have no idea what your response means, it’s like your speaking a different language. Which means maybe i totally misunderstand what “armor resilience penetration’ means on dagger weapons stats. Someone please enlighten me then, I have searched to no avail.

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