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      Guide Fates Hand

      We are recruiting people from NA that play on the daily, we partake in Black and red zone PVP Blue group dungeons and such. Arena, hell gates and more. new and experienced players welcome, all of us are in a discord "link will be given when\if you join"

      T6 guild island at 0 cost with 10 active members with a guild tax of 15% all guild funds go to stone blocks o up the island. when Island is complete tax will be 0.Food is made in guild at 0 cost to members along with overcharge energy for black zone PVP. Allied guild with about 35 members.

      apply here or message me in game @ Jesterbudd.
    • Howdy. I just started playing again after a looong break. I played during the beta and for a while after, but stopped playing once all my RL friends quit. I am really excited to start playing again and was hoping to find a smaller guild that focuses on PvP. Do you have an requirements for joining? Fame, gear, experience, etc.?
    • So we support all types of players, having fresh players that have quickly adapted and loving black zone content to a few Vets that enjoy the PVE aspect. ether way we come together to support each other where we can.

      Now we are on the smaller side but are usually running something everyday, come the 20th we are deciding as a guild where to move to for the black zone shift. You are always welcome to come join use and try it out and if we are not to your liking you can always look elsewhere. keep in mind there is a 48 hour cool down to join another guild.

      Our main focus coming the 20th will ne to attempt the guild hideout and focus on black zone PVP and gathering daily possibly picking up GVG if recruitment goes well.