Guild Spotlight: KFC

    • Guild Spotlight: KFC

      About this post

      KFC was a great guild that never had a proper guild spotlight written. This is my attempt at making one.

      Below story was written by the end of the last season (end of October), but as KFC 3.0 was formed I didn’t know what to do with it and it remained private for myself. As we all know, just before Queen release – KFC is officially disbanded, at this moment all the players have left the guild and are seeking for a new home.

      This post is my tribute to the whole guild that I’ve been a member of, for almost 1.5 year.
      I will have nothing but good memories about KFC, hats off to everyone for your contribution, you were breathtaking KFC!

      I added a small edit to describe what happened with KFC 3.0 and you can find very interesting interview that I’ve done with guild founder and leader - meem. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to interview other players to make more out of it, so it’s a completely work of a single dude who hasn’t seen everything/does not remember everything, so I apologize if something is missing/not fully correct – it’s just best of what I could memorize through this long period of time.

      Enough of me, just enjoy reading


      KFC 2.0 was a guild lead by a player meem, it was a continuation of KFC 1.0, guild that carved its path to the fame through piles of bodies and becoming one of the strongest zvz forces during the first couple of months after the release. It started in June 2018 and ends up now, with the end of Season 7 which was a huge success for the guild securing Crystal Rank becoming first Polish guild ever achieving that.

      KFC was always local guild, build of players from Polish community, although it was open to everyone who speaks Polish and could follow Polish calls, like the one funny Czech guy we had. It’s not because we don’t speak English, but it was much better experience that way, we could joke, laugh, be natural, build really good friendship so overall, be more comfortable than within multinational guilds while still being able to compete with the best.


      After many months of inactivity, KFC has been reopened as many old players returned to the game and meem found inspiration again. This created a new opportunity for Polish community to follow up on the former glory of the most famous Polish guilds Gentlemen and KFC 1.0.

      In the first weeks, guild had around 50 members, state of the game was pretty bad. In 2018 Albion faced huge player loss compared to after-release situation, many technical issues like lags, disconnects etc. PvP activity in Outlands was slowly decreasing so those were pretty hard times to start a new pvp guild and satisfy members with content. Yet it happened, KFC 2.0 paired with The Reborn. The reborn was a guild created by former members of Gentlemen, KFC 1.0 and other players, which initially started in OOPS 2.0. But as OOPS NAPped with PoE and BA was dominating ZvZ, there was not much zvz content out there, thus KFC 2.0 was a great opportunity for The Reborn to join forces and create new alliance focused on quality.

      VALUE – quality over quantity.

      As VALUE, KFC, The Reborn and Mad Babies aimed to fight other mega alliances like PoE and OOPS. Mad babies haven’t survived too long and they got merged into KFC, leaving the alliance made of two guilds – KFC and The Reborn, having maximum online together at 50 players.
      At times, BA was ad-hoc joining VALUE to fight OOPS when they have done CTA’s, BA themselves didn’t have enough online so they used as to increase pressure, that was the first time we became BA’s little brother. History of VALUE was short, but generated great moments for both BA and KFC/The Reborn players beating OOPS in staggering situations (e.g. 70 VALUE vs 150+ OOPS):

      This fueled up us all with motivation and ignited a will to fight mega alliances as underdog guild/alliance.


      After early success of VALUE and missing mid-scale content while being incapable of contesting mega alliances themselves, two guilds making VALUE, KFC and The Reborn decided to join SQUAD while Mad Babies merged into KFC, creating Polish flank. Yet this wasn’t as much of a success as expected. Server was dominated almost instantly after we joined.

      Enemy alliances have stopped doing any CTAs after being wiped at light speed. This was very hard moment for KFC as other guilds refused to fight KFC, not being afraid of us, but being scared of BA backdooring them. That actually happened only once to H&S after they first called CIR to outnumber us when we were inside of Camlann dung and together riding through PoE.
      While being in SQUAD, KFC and The Reborn have officially merged into one leaving We are Toxic for those who didn’t want to join KFC. After weeks of tryharded content, players felt bored and started looking to play another games, activity in guild went down, moods were below average. Game was more like horse-riding simulator than PvP game. People felt demotivated. It was not only KFC, the whole server was bragging about population, pvp activity and game future on forum/reddit. The most fun KFC could have, where when we were only with KFC+Reborn itself like in the videos below:

      But as this happened only at rare occasions, KFC decided to put some life into the game, create some content for its players and at the same time – for the whole server. So there was not much of a choice left but to leave SQUADs and don’t let Albion’s open world aspect to die. This wasn’t easy decision and votes have been divided, but in the end we did it. The skills in comp-building and strategy that we gained by the side of BA and KingMojo, laid a foundation for a zvz-superpower guild which later KFC would become.


      Negotiations around PAX have been very hard, Polish community has always been in conflict. It all started much before the release. Scoiataels who once were part of Gentlemen guild, have been in conflict with other players from Gentlemen who were in KFC now. This was the major flaw in that alliance and in the whole Polish community union. Although there was a new hope – F2P release hype. Many new players joined the community, highly increasing players population. That, for the first time, created opportunity to create something local that could compete with English-based international communities.

      All the other Polish pvp-capable guilds joined the idea – We are Toxic, Bursztynowy Kartel, Corona Regni Poloniae, Victi Omnes. KFC was supposed to be a big brother to be the main zvz force, however the guilds were supposed to run and call their armies themselves, creating flank groups that would assist KFC. PAX had it moments, fighting much larger armies of LADS and other alliances we had a great time together, and what’s more important not doing so bad against doubling army of SQUADs, actually better than anyone else that time on the server:

      PAX times were awesome and we had many good battles around that time:

      Unfortunately, the other guilds haven’t been so much into-zvz and self-improvements and BA-not letting go, didn’t allowed KFC to stay within such large alliance without possibility to fight them (power projection was very easy at that time). So even that it wasn’t unanimous decision, KFC players voted to leave the alliance. As a result, some players from PAX guilds have moved to KFC strengthening our forces.

      The next episode – Uups

      After PAX was disbanded, KFC had open doors everywhere, we’ve been asked to join Oops and somebody sent the rumor that we are going to do that. To mock about it, new alliance was started to confirm the rumor – Uups(Polish pronunciation of oops).
      As you can imagine, now KFC being ALONE, hungry for content, having the whole server against and no ally, was there almost everyday to stand a fight for worldbosses and warcamps. We’ve had many many many fun battles with Russian Guild, H&S, Gypsies, Yaga, Talons, PoE alliance and others.

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    • QoQ

      KFC being alone in Uups, fought for some time, still receiving invitations to all the alliances at that time – SQUADs, OOPS and considering other, smaller alliances. But the new alliance was about to be created with the return of the old TeamCasualty core.
      When Season 6 kicked off, KFC joined new alliance called QoQ. Together with Aggressors, TC and some other guilds, we fought for season-related content. We massed our army and contested SQUADs and OOPS, however the alliance which was supposed to remain small ws very quickly overgrown with low quality players.

      Aggressors were first to leave. KFC followed up. For a week or two we finished season together as BP – Big Pelotas alliance, having some content against SQUADs, ARCHs and others while mostly being focused at castles and gvg.

      That was the first season in which KFC contested the season rank finishing later at gold rank, which was our goal for that season. At this time KFC had no regular GvG team but participation in QoQ gave KFC players possibility to skill up in 5v5 in crystal gvgs.

      The next try… EOS

      EOS was established once again to counter Red vs Blue scenario by creating 3rd force. EOS was there to fight mega alliances but in the end it wasn’t much different than QoQ. It was supposed to be focused on quality and only accept guilds that should add value while it accepted many guilds that have been either weak or not active. But KFC was doing just as good with the allies as itself, so the whole alliance was pointless. EOS failed soon after. (maybe find some battles or ask others for events). Aggressors were once again first to leave, KFC followed that soon after.
      The biggest battle under EOS was against EGO guys in which kickin made crazy score of 116 frags! That’s insane.

      Some more battles:

      Final episode… Joining super alliance or forming.. Not Another Super Alliance…

      After some weeks trying out to get in between of OOPS and SQUADS, KFC wasn’t really happy about the content we’ve got. We have been holding our fronts strong but losing those big fights in the end after being flooded from every possible way. That gave us no other choice but to depend only on our own army.
      As always as an effect of democratic vote, we’ve decided to start Polish alliance once again. But again we haven’t got much trust of other guilds. The only guild that joined us were Victi Omnes, which were mostly F2P-wave guys. But that was enough for KFC to have supporting flank and settle down on green portals. Soon after that a small guild Krzyzowcy joined NASA, which later merged into KFC.

      Our main enemy was EGO. They had around 6-7k players in the ally on the day we changed our locks from Fort Sterling to Lymhurst. I believe that was one of the worst scenarios for Mr. Torthur. KFC dominated that part of the world in every possible way. We have dominated all ZvZ guilds out there, took all the territories in EU prime time, our ganking groups were roaming eastern Anglia and Cumbria.

      One of the most glorious moments for NASA have been reset fights. Having usually around 90 people we’ve been fighting much bigger armies.

      With the beginning of season 7, KFC aimed to gain the highest possible rank – Crystal. This was very ambitious goal as it would be the first time Polish guild gets this rank. Having in mind KFC was only around 150 guys it required us to perform. With great leadership and engagement coming from meem, we’ve been massing up almost every day for castles, WC’s and raiding mages.
      After a while KFC has been present in the political map, was going up in the rank, pulling off crazy outnumbered battles, securing seasonal goals.
      KFC secured crystal rank just a couple days before the season end. This was a truly great season for KFC, but as it was promised before the start, it was the last season.

      Afterlife…KFC 3.0

      So as meem was quitting many players have been left without idea what to do next. Some players joined other guilds right away, some players quit the game, some players haven’t accepted the fact that that’s it. After 1.5 year of everyday Albion content now the community was supposed to collapse? It couldn’t end differently but to make two steps backwards to start something new. It could be a new guild but it instead is KFC 3.0.

      New history is yet to be made as KFC joined SQUAD. Even though KFC 3.0 will not be initially as strong as it used to be, Albion’s community will have to try it’s best to counter this deadly combination.

      KFC 3.0 DISBAND

      We are all thrilled after three major events in 2020 so far:
      • Australia forest fires cover larger area than Belgium
      • Iran bombs US airbases
      • KFC disband
      All three events are mostly driven by unstoppable force of human capability of self-destruction. We never appreciate what we have always wanting more and more, our neighbor grass is always greener. Unfortunately, the newcomers and lack of support from the core players made leaders work too hard to handle. Here I can only be grateful to Lyrycs, Rejs, ToxicRose for trying their best to try as we all feel emptiness after meem’s announcement. Now, just before Queen release we will all go somewhere reminding the good ol’ days of zvzing with white chicken on red cape..

      Without further ado, we have only one thing to remember…

      KFC #1
    • glokz: Could you quickly introduce yourself? What do you do IRL, what’s your hobby(besides gaming), what other games do you play(except albion).

      meem: Until August I was still a student, after successful graduation I decided that there’s no point in further university education and learning stuff that will most likely never be useful in my life.
      Since October I am looking for a good, ambitious job, although regardless I will have to start any job asap to make for living and meanwhile complete some accounting courses.

      My hobby is a difficult topic, I tried to find something that will hook me for longer, but without bigger success. Most of the time in the recent past I’ve spent with Albion. Besides playing Albion I am professional Rust and LoL player, there wasn’t much time and ambitions left to play other games.

      How did you start playing albion?

      My adventure with Albion has begun quite accidentally, one of my friends found out Polish player’s ‘sledziu’ video and we thought the game looks nice, although 140zl was a lot of money. But after three days we decided to go for it. We started as a group of three and right away we’ve been hooked up with the game! It has been a tough ride ever since.

      Not touching KFC 1.0 topics too much, what caused that you have returned to Albion and gave another life to KFC?

      After the first KFCs disband, I felt relieved, the last moments have been very troublesome and tiering. I took a break for couple months, during this time I was playing other games, but I couldn’t find anything else that would hook me up as much as Albion did. I still had lots of free time so I decided to return. At first, I joined BA, this was a period of time during which they have totally dominated the server. I was going on CTAs but it was boring. Then I joined Polish guild Mad Babies where many old KFCers played. It was cool in the beginning but after some time I started feeling that I miss possibility to decide and organize things in the guild. Being in somebody’s else guild hasn’t allowed me to fully engage, and it hadn’t felt the same as the old KFC. So that lead me to starting a new guild ‘1 2 3 4’ and consisted of 6 people which quickly lead to returning to KFC which speeded up further growth.

      Little bit about leader’s life. What’s your overall experience?

      For some, being a leader is a curse, for me it’s the only option which is able to push me to the limits and play on the highest possible level. I understand that some people see leaders as the best possible position to have, because you have all this access to the guild’s wealth etc. But they do not consider amount of hard work that one need to contribute to manage guild, secure it’s progression and growth and to handle all the stuff that happens within the guild!

      Do you think that being a leader of a guild in Albion is easy?

      It’s hard to tell whether being a leader in Albion is a hard job or not, because in the end it depends on one’s approach and direction in which the guild is pushed to. It’s one thing to run a 10-20 men guild, it’s easy because everyone knows each other, conflicts are solved within the same bunch of people. But running larger guild integration decreases, people form groups that might not know other groups and it’s much easier for conflicts. Also the larger guild is, the more responsibilities and pending questions are, which in the end, the leader has to take on his own shoulders.

      How do you see development progress on guild’s management? Do you have any ideas that could help leaders running their guild?

      Definitely some kind of automatic loot-distribution system, to support resupplying players after lost battle.

      (ATM After won battle loot is donated to a common chest tab, after lost battle loot has to be transferred to a separate chest and rights need to be given toa player to resupply)

      What did the organisation in KFC look like? How many people spend their time and energy to push the machine forward?

      It’s kinda hard question, because I never cared about nominating people to officers and other boring stuff, I thought it’s pointless. I was trying to surround myself with people who asked themselves if I need anything. This way I was sharing little bit of my work telling people what needs to be done. I believe It was about 20 people who helped me with loot management, feeding territories, organizing CTAs, calling battles, launching warcamps.. Its been 1.5 year since the beginning of KFC 2.0, so I’d rather prefer to avoid throwing names as the people rotation was pretty high and I could have missed someone.

      Were there any special rules in KFC? regards of looting?

      If it comes to looting, guild’s CTAs like castles/warcamps it was mandatory to donate all the looted gear to the guild. This was then used to resupply players with 7.1 gear in case of death (During cta). Smaller zvz events like mage raiding or ganking were having free loot rules.

      What about recruitment?

      Recruitment in KFC has always been problematic, because there wasn’t a single person dedicated to that role. There were cases when people were writing to me and I have been replying to them couple days after, but they already had another guild so this way we missed couple potential players. It was just because I was simply forgetting about starting recruitment process with them. I had couple guys who were helping me out and recruited new players from time to time. We didn’t have any special requirements, usually we expected players to have 10kk PvE fame and 5kk PvP fame, but if someone had funny name or made good impression after the conversation, we skipped even those super low minimum requirements.

      What was KFCs political situation like? We know that KFC 2.0 has been at most of the time playing as a small alliance focused on ZvZ content like VALUE, PAX and in the end NASA. However it was also part of mass alliances like SQUAD, QoQ and EOS. Which alliance / period have you enjoyed the most?

      Starting with big alliances, on the first look it’s pretty tempting option, because it’s a huge war and 24/7 battles. In Albion’s reality it’s completely different. Perfect example is recent Oops vs Daddy/SQUAD war. At first OOPS dominated BA, pushing them to Anglia and TC was #1 ZvZ guild. It was mostly because OOPS had bigger numbers. Soon after we could see SQUAD/Daddy merge, situation changed by 180 degrees. We could see a total domination from the other side because they had bigger numbers. After a while we couldn’t see much battles because when one of the sides have been zone locking HOHE castle the other was Going for Bleak Moore.

      Albion isn’t ready for such big alliances, the worst part is that players are perfectly aware of this, but still every season they keep clustering in biggest alliances, destroying the fun.
      I have a warm memories of SQUADs, that was our first alliance after VALUE, which gave us a huge boost. At that time, it was much smaller alliance than OOPS so winning fights were satisfying. Problem started, when victory was granted, and more and more guilds were joining SQUADs. That was only worse as the enemy couldn’t rebuild their confidence and confront SQUADS, so large content was dying.
      QoQ/EoS were unsuccessful attempts at breaking SQUADs, I have very good memories from those times as it was very nice challenge.

    • What were the pros and cons of playing in small alliance?

      Those have very little cons, like not having enough territories in the outlands, not enough people for various activities like ganking or hell gates. Projects like VALUE/PAX/NASA were aimed at Polish community and every each of these come with great memories for KFC guild and its members.
      VALUE appeared to be great fusion of 4 different guilds, one big withdraw of players by KFC.
      PAX was a combination of hardcore players and casual players, it had a good start but in the end it was a failure. The reason behind it, was that casual guilds are not able to cooperate with players who want to get better. As KFC we had big pressure to sit together with other guilds on a single communication channels to integrate, but we didn’t have such need at all. We were having an opinion that each guild should care about their things on their own and that caused a lot of drama. After EOS disband, our motivation was very weak, because we haven’t accomplished our ambitious goal – to win over BA. Together we came to conclusion, to start a new Polish alliance, that will allow us to recharge batteries and get back to a decent zvz-level again. NASA as an alliance has satisfied all of my expectations. We’ve been fighting much larger alliances in castle fights, conquering a lot of territories via GvG and we regained our former strength and glory. This is the one alliance that I will reminiscence the most.

      What do you think about Mega Alliances? Should devs limit those long time ago or perhaps that wouldn’t make any difference due to NAP dilemma?

      Like I explained in the previous answer, that game isn’t ready for mega alliances. Another thing is fact, that always the same people are building mega alliances, so it’s not the devs who should intervene, but guilds and their leaders. They should open their eyes and see that there could be 6-7 smaller alliances rather than 1-2. Finally, that would create way more content, more gvg and zvz. But that would only work if each of the alliances weren’t to agree on NAPs, which is probably unavoidable.

      Based on your experience, if you could write a short advice to less experienced leaders or people who would like to have their own pvp/zvz focused guild.

      The most important part is to surround yourself with pack of people, who care about the guild and you know they won’t ever leave even if you lose 20 battles in a row. All the rest will come easy.

      Why does KFC end its operations? Are you going to continue playing Albion as zvz or gvg player?

      The reason is simple – burnout. Before this season had started, I was openly saying that this is the last season and we aim for Crystal, because everyone in KFC deserves that. Myself I haven’t felt pleasure by playing Albion anymore, because I have already experienced everything – wins or loses haven’t been making me feel anything anymore. Maybe it will sound egoistically, but with the fall of my enthusiasm – the whole guilds enthusiasm has fallen as well. That means with my leave, the guild finishes its operations. As with the KFC 1.0 disband – there is no one that I could pass the leadership, even If I had – I am not sure if I would like to let anybody step into such a mud pool (shithole).

      As KFC leader, what makes you proud the most? What in your opinion, is guilds biggest success?

      Rebuilding KFC to such a good level both in ZvZ and GvG is something that I am the most proud and all of these is thanks to the people who took the risk and joined ‘the most toxic’ guild in Polish community. Throughout those couple months of inactivity, lot things have changed. Many ZvZ guild got so much better. Day after day we were there to fight and lose and return to the same places and after some time and many many wipes, we started fighting with the best zvz guilds at competitive level. Couple months of hard work allowed KFC to return to the top of Albion scene and this time we are leaving the heights with our heads up without any dramas, which is also very important to me.

      What will happen with guilds wealth after the end of operations?

      On the next Saturday we will organize Role Play event, during which we will give out all the wealth to all the players that will show up.

      How do you see development of the game? Is the game moving forward since the release or maybe it stands still?

      Game moves forward, however with very little steps. Albion Online lost a lot because of making updates only every couple of months, which is too slow and, in the end, leads to loss of its player base. F2P wave came and it was a great step, however many players quit because SBI wasn’t fully prepared for such huge player base explosion, so history was repeated with what we experienced after the official launch. Another thing are meta changes, which are also not frequent enough and weapons that should immediately get buffed – get it only after couple months, which is very irritating during the gameplay.

      How do you see the changes in upcoming Queen Patch that unofficially is called Albion 2.0?

      Queen update is something revolutionary for the game, however I don’t want to believe that so advanced features which devs want to introduce, won’t come with plenty of bugs. My expectation is that the patch will be released in January, but the game will be playable again as late as March. I hope that I am wrong, but I’ve been playing Albion for some time now…

      As a guild leader you are member of Round Table. How do you see its role? Do you think RT has any impact on game development, or maybe players are trying to turn the tides for their personal benefit but devs are still doing whatever they planned regardless?

      RT is great feature, myself I don’t write too much, but very often I read what happens there. Players share a lot of ideas and discuss them with devs, which can only bring positive changes to the game. Of course there is a chance, that one of the sides will take devs on their side to add things, that will benefit them and help them dominating or increase their wealth. But still, I prefer players ideas to come real rather than devs own as they had implemented some not really great ones in the past.

      How do you see equipment balance in the game? Do you think, Retroman is up to the challenge balancing adequately zvz and gvg metas?

      Albion players are very creative, so balancing weapons and armory is one of the biggest challenges in the game development. Retroman takes a lot of good and bad decisions, but it is fully understandable, because sometimes after a small change, players can get a lot, which later becomes gvg or zvz meta. Perfect example is damnation, which was nerfed just to become stronger than ever. Balance itself is a good idea, because used weapon changes all the time which is a fun part of the game.

      How do you see current gvg/zvz meta? Do you think any of the items is OP or needs buff?

      Starting with GvG, previously we had dive meta, which was the worst it could ever be, because even I’ve got to Crystal LvL 7, because all it matter was who faster kills the healer. Current meta, so hammers and frost staves is much better from a skill-perspective. But hammers should be nerfed as soon as possible.
      In ZvZ damnation should be instantly nerfed, pair of galantines shouldn’t be silencing and camlan range is little bit too large. Weapons to buff are siegebow which in demon-armor meta and continuous interrupt isn’t as strong as it used to be while brimstone or weeping wipes everything in a way.

      Do you have any idea what devs could do to make the game more interesting, more fun ? E.g. if there is a single thing devs could do to encourage you to find internal motivation and sacrifice your own personal time to run a guild again in one of the next seasons?

      Except for castle fights and mage raiding, there is almost no guaranteed ZvZ content. World bosses are dead, warcamps are very often dead content, dungeon dives in black zones are boring, because there are very few people that keep faming and the old dungeons are empty. It is hard to find something to do with 20 men looking for a fight, because currently the regular size of zvz battles went up. I am mostly missing low scale pvp, which is the most interesting and requires the most players skills and coordination. I don’t think if devs still have the possibility to fix that, because they speeded up character progression so much, regular players are no longer logging in to form a dungeon party but do play other games waiting for the evening CTA.

      At the end few relaxing questions
      Favorite movie: The last Samurai
      Favorite music artist: Malik Montana
      Favorite track: Chicken Attack

      Thanks meem and I hope everyone enjoyed this interview,

      Cheers, glokz