1h dagger needs a teeny bit of love

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    • 1h dagger needs a teeny bit of love


      As we all know, not a single person is playing 1h dagger. In order to get 1h dagger to be played by like three or four people, I propose the following changes:
      • Make the E buff last 2 seconds instead of 1 second (it should be more like 8 seconds but I don't have my hopes up for that one)
      • Remove the health drain

      Thanks for reading.
    • A much greater buff uptime would help. I don't even consider such a change a buff to the weapon, but more a hotfix that they should put into the game in first patch after Queen. One second of buff time, taking into account networked games and latency, simply doesn't work. You are forced to take attack speed on all passives and use a torch and it still doesn't help (and now you've lost out on other passives/armor types). Once this fix is in, it would be easier to see exactly where the 1h dagger needs fixin'

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    • Daggers in general need some QOL upgrades in general.

      The Q spells are lacking. Sunder Armor is decent but it's amazing how it has a shorter reach than your auto-attack and it's nearly impossible to land even when mashing the button on a target that's moving. Why it doesn't slow is beyond me as kiting is one of the major weaknesses of the entire line (in contrast to say the Sword's Q stack which gives you movement and attack speed). Same thing with Assassin's Spirit: it's a hard timing ability that requires several seconds to build up... an 18% damage boost. For a few more additional seconds. And you're taking increased damage with it up. Have it increase your movement speed at the same time to help daggers land those abilities. The only weapons trying to use Assassin's Spirit are Dagger Pair and Deathgivers.

      W spells are pretty good all around, but they don't seem to synergize well with your Qs and mainly you're only going to be using Dash or Shadow's Edge (with an occasional Forbidden Stab). Fan of Knives doesn't last very long and has a huge cooldown, Infiltration takes a laughable amount of time to pop off, and Chain Slash is the only AOE move you're getting and not only is the damage sub-par but you can't control where you end after you use it.

      1H Dagger definitely needs more of a DOT effect with it's E, as it's nearly impossible to continue hitting something that is actively moving and the buff isn't up long enough to do any kind of significant damage. What I'd like to see more is a crippling poison effect that lowers defense by a percentage value so a 1H dagger could potentially be a tank killer which is a rarity in Albion. You cannot farm with this weapon.

      Dagger Pair isn't bad, but the problem is everything stops it's E. Everything. A high damage E isn't even unique, but the Dagger Pair's Slit Throat is way too easy to counter with any kind of CC regardless of the duration or even a blink. We're talking about an ability that, to be effective at all, requires a lot of set up and timing to accomplish anything with. You're not slapping a fatroll on the keyboard and lolazoring like bows or curse. You cannot farm with this weapon.

      Claws are only used for ganking and even then they're pretty poor at it relying on your associates to actually deal the damage while there are other abilities that CC better while giving the opportunity for more damage. Disembowl has a flippin' 30 second cooldown and can be interrupted as easily as the Dagger Pair's E as it doesn't do anything but softly hold your target in place for a few seconds. This makes Claws one of the least useful weapons in the game that only allows it to serve one short role. If your opponent is bad you can do some damage with a Mage Cowl/Merc Jacket, but that's it. You cannot farm with this weapon.

      Bloodletter is awesome. It's E is super powerful, not only being a dash and an execute but when used properly reduces the cooldowns of all your abilities by 10 Seconds (which was the last buff daggers ever got and that was over a year ago). It's a straightforward weapon that does decent in PVP, is a mainstay with gatherers because of it's accessibility and double-dash potential, and you can actually farm with it unlike everything before hand.

      Blackhands on paper seem really cool, until you realize that Cleric Cowl is one of the most common head items in the game and you can use that the second you see the E come off. On top of that, simply accidentally moving will cancel the entire ability... and seeing how it's a long animation that's melee range it's really easy to mess up. Otherwise it's pretty good because it does a purge and true damage. You cannot farm with this weapon.

      Deathgivers are the only other weapon in the game that works extremely well as a dagger. Seriously, these things are wonderful. They're everything you'd expect from a dagger weapon. It works well with just about everything. You can't farm with this weapon.