Chronicles of a Craftsman

    • Chronicles of a Craftsman

      While the Sun continues to heat the cobblestones in the streets of Lymhurst, the rumble of the footsteps and the voice of a man who talks with his mammoth as he approaches the Elder Hunter's Cabin, that stubborn Blonde Archer who only wants a place, is heard where to put your arrow while comparing the arches created by all artisans in search of a Masterpiece worthy of their praise.

      But today is a special day for the artisan Xermiz, today he will overcome that last barrier and reach full mastery or as the guild boys 400/400 tell him, but for the craftsman it is the consummation of a long road, it is the achievement of a destiny, step by step approaches the bangs and after patting the mammoth leaves caher to the ground pick up his leather-filled backpack, artifacts from the last tier and an improved meal with much devotion of kraken salad with its enchantment in tier Three, many can see a great investment, but Xermiz's calloused hands just want to shape the hard leather while he fucks with the imbued visor to create a stalker hoods a hood that can save his friends or kill his enemies.

      The hands change position move to the rhythm that they have done thousands of times, the experience makes the body remember every movement, eyes fixed on each path that takes the hand, the energy and sweat mix and the whole focus goes to being its concentration to save materials without diminishing quality, the power to reveal the invisible and decrease its armor if the enemy is injured is imbued in the hood one after another.

      Time passes slowly when something is built, something that is careful is hard to do but once achieved it is a great satisfaction and Xermiz feels it while almost all his work is done.It's over, they're just done; killer and stalker hoods all tier 8, the results are higher than expected and also a great stalker masterpiece, but this craftsman at this time does not look at his finished products; close your eyes and feel in each fiber of the south to be as everything becomes clear in the making of leather hoods, a light envelops your mind, your spirit savors it, it is the achievement achieved, the Completed Destiny of the Completed Grand Master.

      He looks at his companion for long trips and smiles today was a great day, he throws a photo of his completed destination to share with his friends of the Supremacia guild who have accompanied him throughout his journey through the Royal continent. Xermiz looks up when he rushes in his mammoth and while he returns to the city bank something feels empty, after fulfilling the fate of hoods he has to do now.