Normal bow on cultist robe with armor refresh helmet

    • Normal bow on cultist robe with armor refresh helmet

      This combination is the king of solo, you just can try run out of the bow..but u will fail..

      And yes, people claim u can purge / interrupt it

      You are aware that bow preloads? Means u need 2 purges right after each other?


      The duo use of cultist robe makes the bow untouchable..or do u have 2 interrupts in u build?

      If something like this dives you, you just can run.. but if bow is smart it is on ray and long range q ...and then u can't run...

      That combo if dive u is ultimately ..and can just be countered by stupidity or itself
    • I've seen a carving with mage robe and fiend's cowl double purge the shit out of this build so... not sure what you're talking about but that looks like a free-cultist robe to me. If a guy runs that build and dives you there's many ways to use the dungeon against him. I won't tell you how because I don't want divers learning how to counter such methods but yeah
      (Not talking about the basic assassin jacket invis amidst the mobs tactic)
    • last time I got dove by this build I got melted (because I was on mobs, some skills on CD, and as Axe - I have 0 interrupts in PVE/PVP hybrid mode)...

      But even then, that only ever happened once, so I can take that death... its a very very expensive build, and therefore its not easy to counter.

      Countering divers as a PVE fame farmer is already pretty difficult (depending on your build of course, and if you are full PVE set up - you will probably be at very bad odds). So you either have to sacrifice PVE efficiancy to put on some PVP skills, or have some invis items (Invis Potion?) to pop it so that you can swap gear.

      Sucks... but being able to counter 1mill+ Set up should come at a similar cost... otherwise it would be unbalanced if any shitter in under 100k gear could counter a 1mil + set up easily. (keyword = easily, meaning it should still be counter-able, but with some very very hard thinking, preparation and ability to feel the "meta" of the game)
    • Holly the build I currently run is a major counter to the build you mentioned. I use mage robe for purge and any cloth helm for knock back which I use for separation and spell interruption on my 1h curse setup. They will still get their 2nd robe off after using helm but by then they have exhausted so much you can still typically finish them with bomb. It is extra difficult if they also have guardian boots but then just fall back as they have 0 mobility.